Stanisław Ciecieląg – V.2013
5 May 2013
Tomasz Polanowski – V.2013
19 May 2013

Rafał Łoboda – V.2013

Rafał Łoboda of the ‘Sokół’ Hunting Association from Bochnia has been going after his dream buck for a year. He saw it for the first time in late June, 2012. After that, however, he missed over a dozen occasions to meet it again. Several days after the next buck season began, Rafał Łoboda went to the same area again. To his great surprise, the buck he had detected a year before was there. The hunter did not waste this opportunity and came near the buck at a shot distance. The trophy was initially priced by the District Management Board of the Polish Hunting Association (ZO PZŁ) in Tarnów at 172.90 CIC points. The antlers are presented by Kuba Biernat – the hunting enthusiast and participant of many hunting expeditions.

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