Rafał Łoboda – V.2013
5 May 2013
Piotr Kolenda – VII.2013
5 July 2013

Tomasz Polanowski – V.2013

Tomasz Polanowski of the ‘Słonka’ Hunting Association no. 59 from Zwierzyniec spotted the deer already in April. He knew exactly where and what time it usually prayed. From the very beginning of the season, Tomasz Polanowski had travelled to this quarter, but the buck always took to flight. The hunter constructed even a hunting tower there. On 17 May − the day of the next ambush − the buck showed up on the grassland again. This time, it came 300 metres further on. The hunter did not give up and made a decision to approach the buck. The trophy was priced by the District Management Board of the Polish Hunting Association (ZO PZŁ) in Zamość at 163.62 CIC points.

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