Remigiusz Grzegórski – VIII.2013
6 August 2013
Marian Brodowicz – IX.2013
4 September 2013

Marcin Kunikowski – VIII.2013

The Skierniewice hunting grounds are not particularly famous for strong and medal stags, but medal trophies are not only a domain of the Puszcza hunting areas, which Marcin Kunikowski of the ‘Gospodarz’ Hunting Association no. 30 from Borów has learnt about. On August 15, during the morning stag hunting, the father of the lucky hunter noticed three males coming back to their day habitat. One of them had visibly stronger antlers. The first joint outing of the father and the son to the hunting grounds in the season did not bring, however, any expected results. The deer came near the hunting tower on which the young hunter was sitting in the morning, indeed, but it was still too dark to take a shot. The next chance of meeting an excellent male occurred on August 24. Richer in experience from the previous encounters, the hunter leant a portable platform against a single alder growing in the middle of the grassland, where deer could most often be seen. A young stag was the first to appear there. After an hour, the second one showed up. And when the hunter was running out of hope, he noticed a splendid male just in the final moments of the day.

The stag stopped right in front of the forest and, with a short roar, it communicated who the king of this area was. There were no doubts that it was the same male. It was moving slowly, crossing the meadow majestically and coming closer to the platform with every second. After the shot, the animal left for the forest. The hunter looked for if for almost an hour, but he did not manage to find the wounded male. There was quite a lot of paint in the place where the animal was shot, but the promising track was gone after 20 metres. Nuta – a three months old limer bitch, which has succeeded in finding several dozen wounded animals so far – joined the hunt. She did not fail this time as well and after nearly 150 metres she found the male. The antlers weighing 9.98 kg in the shape of an irregular crown on both sides sixteen pointer were priced by the Skierniewice board at 215.92 CIC points.

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