Wojciech Lubas – IX.2013
6 September 2013
Remigiusz Krajewski – IX.2013
6 September 2013

Dominik Czekała – IX.2013

The “Borek” site leased by the ‘Bór’ Hunting Association from Wpisów is famous for strong deer, beautiful rutting grounds and a difficult landscape. During a day, deer come there from their night feeding grounds. Dominik Czekała knew that very well, as he chose particularly this area to be his hunting ground in the rutting season.

He was interested in the group of deer, which the males were fighting fiercely over. During the approach he noticed a new specimen near the group. Its antlers in the shape of a regular crown on both sides sixteen pointer commanded respect among its rivals. Early morning on 29 September, the hunter chose one of few hunting towers in this area to the site for the ambush. Unfortunately, very dense fog made the observation hard. Hearing just the noise of water splashing when the group was passing nearby, the hunter decided to approach the deer in their day habitat – an old and no longer existing nursery-garden. Having not seen any movement, he started to lure the animals. The response was immediate, and a young male got also attracted to the decoy. The lord of the harem left the site. But its being in constant movement made it impossible to take a well aimed shot. The hunter was aware of the fact that it might have been his only chance, so when the animal stopped for a second he pulled the trigger.

The antlers weighing 10.38 kg were priced by the District Management Board of the Polish Hunting Association (ZO PZŁ) in Olsztyn at 216.17 CIC points.

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