Mariusz Seweryn – IX.2013
5 September 2013
Dominik Czekała – IX.2013
6 September 2013

Wojciech Lubas – IX.2013

Wojciech Lubas dreamt of meeting a stag with impressive antlers at least once in his life in the area leased by the “Diana” Hunting Association from Nowa Ruda. Having passed his exams and received his hunting certificate, the young hunter went to the ‘Steinwald’ site on 21 September, where he shot his first boar. Unfortunately, the weather was not perfect for the rutting season. It was getting dark when he suddenly noticed the figure of a stag leading a group of does far in the forest. Despite the darkness, he decided to approach the horde, although it was too late to identify the aim. Next day in the evening he met three more males, but none of them were suitable to be shot. It was getting even darker inside the forest, so the hunter went to a mid-forest meadow, where before the rutting season he had seen quite a large group of does. When he was getting closer to the meadow, all of a sudden, he heard a deep roar of a male coming from the nearby thick and marshy alders. After a while, two young males showed up in the grassland – a pointer and a twelve pointer, whereas a strong roar could again be heard coming from the forest. After that, the king of the area appeared in the meadow in the distance of 50 metres. It was exactly the same select. The gun was instantly rested on a shooting stick. The male turned right at once and uncovered the chamber. After the shot, it escaped into the alders. Only the sound of breaking branches was heard. After an hour search the gold metal trophy was found. This strong stag with selective antlers in the shape of a regular one-sided crown ten pointer, weighing 9.68 kg, was priced by the District Management Board of the Polish Hunting Association (ZO PZŁ) in Wałbrzych at 217.41 CIC points.

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