Piotr Łukaszuk – X.2013
19 November 2013
Ryszard Szałginiewicz – I.2014
19 January 2014

Stanisław Stefaniak – XII.2013

Stanisław Stefaniak heard about a strong male living in the area of the district no. 413 leased by the ‘Darz Bór’ Hunting Association no. 29 from Jarocin. Despite numerous outings into the area, he did not manage to find the deer which his colleagues had been describing. All the males he had met were rather promising. Mid-December was, however, lucky to the hunter. The weather resembled the typical Polish golden autumn. When sitting in one of the hunting towers in the forest, he spotted about 20 males in the distance.
As the hunter was relatively far from the animals and, as a result, he could not precisely assess the age of each specimen, he decided to approach them. Through the glass of his scope he noticed a strong deer with huge antlers. When a shot was taken, the animal jumped high and rushed to flee. But after having run over 20-30 metres, the stag made a last will. The antlers of this strong deer, weighing 10.36 kg, in the shape of an irregular crown on both sides twenty-two pointer were priced by the District Management Board of the Polish Hunting Association (ZO PZŁ) in Kalisz at 219.37 CIC points.

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