Grzegorz Zadrożny – II.2014
5 February 2014
Krzysztof Papiński – V.2014
6 May 2014

Zdzisław Karpowicz – II.2014

Zdzisław Karpowicz had gone hunting does again to the district no. 177 leased by the ‘Cyranka’ Hunting Association from Łapy. He spotted a strong old male during one of his December outings. However, due to the lack of time to take up another occasion, he went hunting only on 5 February. Without much hope to meet the strong deer again, he chose the same hunting tower.

To his great surprise, after no longer than 20 minutes from taking his position, the well-known deer emerged from the forest from the same direction as in December. And as before, it was moving towards the hunting tower. Although the man had been hunting for nearly 50 years and there had been a couple of deer in his hunting record, this time he was not able to control his emotions. His heart was thumping, whereas the cross of the lunette was moving all over the animal’s body. It was impossible to shoot. At some point, the deer jumped back and headed towards the forest. The hunter realised that there was only a brief moment to overcome his nervousness. When the cross of the lunette rested on the deer’s chamber, he pulled the trigger. The shot was perfect.

The antlers of this stag, weighing 8.93 kg, in the shape of a regular crown on both sides sixteen pointer, have been the greatest trophy in the history of the Association and have been priced by the District Management Board of the Polish Hunting Association (ZO PZŁ) in Białystok at 217.46 CIC points.

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