Zdzisław Karpowicz – II.2014
6 February 2014
Mirosław Makuch – V.2014
11 May 2014

Krzysztof Papiński – V.2014

The day before the buck season began in the Radzyński district of the ‘Diana’ Hunting Association no. 193 from Stężyca, both sons of Krzysztof Papiński, Hubert and Karol, went on a cycling trip. They spotted a strong deer in one of the meadows. The boys had been interested in hunting for years and they often went hunting with their father. That is why, they knew then that it was a medal specimen. They returned home immediately and told their father about that impressive animal. The next day Krzysztof Papiński together with his son Hubert went hunting.

They met the buck right before the dusk. They saw it in the meadow together with seven other animals. Unfortunately, the deer noticed them and started to flee. Almost an hour later, the herd came back. Krzysztof rested his gun on a shooting stick and pulled the trigger. The bullet killed the animal right on the spot.

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