Mirosław Makuch – V.2014
11 May 2014
Krzysztof Ositek – VI.2014
3 July 2014

Anna Szumera – VI.2014

In the sunny afternoon on 3 June, Anna Szumera went hunting in the ‘Szarak’ Hunting Association district from Chełm. When passing near a ditch, she saw a small buck. It looked at an unknown figure with great interest for a while, but then it fled into the vast fields. The June fields are impressive, indeed, and Anna decided to rest a bit. After an hour she noticed a doe walking along the field border. It was being followed by a strong buck with his head kept low.

The hunter immediately reached for her gun, but the pointed had managed to hide in the field. After a couple dozen minutes, it appeared on the other side of the wheat field, but it was too far to shoot. Anna tried to approach the buck very cautiously, so that she would not scare the doe. But when the cross of the lunette reached the animal, it moved. Quick decision and a shot slightly in advance. The buck shot precisely at its chamber made a last will. The antlers weighing 724 grams were priced at 171.03 CIC points.

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