Mirosław Nowicki – VI.2014
4 July 2014
Bogdan Karwat – VII.2014
6 July 2014

Tomasz Janduła – VI.2014

In early May when Tomasz Janduła of the ‘Knieja’ Hunting Association no. 79 from Radzyń Podlaski was going boar hunting in the morning, he decided to look over the area near the hunting quarters. It was 5 a.m. In the distance of 500 metres at the wall of the forest he saw a deer with thick and long antlers. Unfortunately, quite a large distance made it impossible to assess the aim thoroughly. Since that time, the hunter had devoted each and every outing for the search and actually saw the buck four more times. However, there had always been something that disturbed him, which made shooting impossible.

On 29 June he decided to change his hunting strategy. He went hunting when it was still dark. When it started to dawn, the buck started to move towards its habitat. The hunter was waiting for it in the road that separated the fields from the forest. When it finally came out, the shot was taken. The antlers weighing 714 grams were priced by the District Management Board of the Polish Hunting Association (ZO PZŁ) in Biała Podlaska at 164.25 CIC points.

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