Bogdan Karwat – VII.2014
6 July 2014
Krzysztof Czyż – VII.2014
19 August 2014

Józef Palka – VII.2014

In the middle of June Józef Palka, hunting in the district of the ‘Orzeł’ Hunting Association from Sandomierz, saw a buck with strong antlers in the orchard. The buck tried to avoid open spaces. It started preying only at dusk and it was returning to its habitat before dawn. For the next couple of weeks a lot of hunters had been going there, but none of them ever saw the animal.

It was only in early July that Józef Palka noticed the buck in the oats field – every few seconds a grey head with strong, long antlers showed up above the tops of the ear. It was impossible to shoot. In the warm, drizzly morning on 16 July, the hunter met the huge buck for the second time. The pointer was walking slowly through the old orchard. The hunter put up the equipment quietly, aimed for the animal, and took a shot. The pointer fell in a spur of a moment. The antlers weighing 745 grams were priced at 172.30 CIC points.

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