Józef Palka – VII.2014
19 August 2014
Adam Kostrzewski – IX.2014
5 September 2014

Krzysztof Czyż – VII.2014

In early May, Krzysztof together with his friend went to the district of the ‘Szarak’ Hunting Association from Myszków in order to pour some corn and lure boars. When they were driving along a field road, they noticed a buck with impressive antlers that was preying some 20 metres from them. Since that encounter, the hunter had gone to the grounds several dozen times.

Unfortunately, the male could not be found. By the end of July in the early morning, when the man was walking through a mid-forest meadow, he spotted in the high grass the buck he had been looking for. He shot just off hand. The antlers became the vice-record of the Association.

The trophy weighing 622 grams was initially priced at 163.35 CIC points, but the record actually belonged to the same hunter – the trophy he had gained a couple of years before was then priced at 178 CIC points.

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