Krzysztof Czyż – VII.2014
19 August 2014
Andrzej Brzychczy – IX.2014
5 September 2014

Adam Kostrzewski – IX.2014

Adam Kostrzewski was a guest hunter of the ‘Wrzos’ Hunting Association from Zielona Góra. At the beginning of the season he was told that a male with huge antlers had been seen in one of the districts.

When the rutting season started, Adam went hunting together with his guide. That evening they heard and saw only young males. The hunters went to the same area the next day. This time the male they had been looking for was heard shortly after the dusk. The following outings were very much similar to that one. The hunters changed their tactics. They reached the hunting ground at around 5 in the afternoon. After a while – from the distance of 100 metres – they heard the male. It was standing among the thick alders and blackberry bushes.

The hunters started to approach. Dry alder branches and thick blackberry tangle did not make the hunter’s venture any easier. It was enough to take a few steps to scare the roe. Although they did not believe they could succeed, they decided to wait. After a few minutes the male was heard again. It was slightly further, right behind the fence of the spruce plantation, but it started moving in the men’s direction. When it was no any further than 40 metres from them, the guide put up the equipment.

The antlers weighing 10.97 kg in the shape of an irregular crown on both sides twenty pointer were initially priced by the District Management Board of the Polish Hunting Association (ZO PZŁ) in Zielona Góra at 232.17 CIC points, which placed the antlers among the twenty best trophies in Poland.

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