Adam Kostrzewski – IX.2014
5 September 2014
Hubert Krasula – IX.2014
6 September 2014

Andrzej Brzychczy – IX.2014

Andrzej Brzychczy of the ‘Ryś’ Hunting Association from Kraków, which leases the hunting district in the Kielce area, followed a huge pointer for four successive years. He knew that it had impressive antlers, but each time he could not for some reason take a comfortable shooting position. When one of his colleagues shot a magnificent buck nearby, he thought that the adventure was over.

The hunter had been searching through the hunting grounds since May, but the animal was not there. The rutting time passed and the season was coming to an end. On 24 September the man went hunting again – but this time he was going to hunt boars and badgers. During the evening ambush among thick bushes growing in the ravine, the hunter noticed the pointer he had not seen for a very long time. He pointed his gun at its back and the bullet reach the aim.

The trophy weighing 796 gram was initially priced by the committee of the District Management Board of the Polish Hunting Association (ZO PZŁ) in Kielce at 202.77 CIC points, which gave it the third position in the Polish Catalogue of the Hunting Trophies.

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