Leszek Mierzejewski – IX.2014
6 September 2014
Jan Szrajber – IX.2014
9 September 2014

Włodzimierz Kościński – IX.2014

The history of hunting this deer started two years ago. Włodzimierz Kościński of the ‘Knieja’ Hunting Association from Olsztyn saw a magnificent twenty four pointer for the first time then. Since that moment he had seen lots of strong deer, but none of them was equally impressive. A year later the hunter met the deer again, but he was not successful. On 4 September, right at the beginning of the rutting season, the hunter went hunting together with his friend.

Unfortunately, because of high temperature the deer were not heard much. That evening the friends saw a strong male. But quickly approaching dusk made proper assessment impossible. On their way back they stopped on a forest path near the clearing, where they had put up a hunting tower right before the rutting season started. The site was perfect: numerous tracks of preying deer, a young forest, swamps, and a forest rivulet. Every year in this area amazing rutting took place. When the man were coming to the car, they heard a young male somewhere in the clearing. The other one responded. Its call was short and full of anger. Włodzimierz realised that it was the deer he had been seeing for the two last seasons. The hunter arrived at the hunting ground before dawn. He could hear only a young deer in the clearing. Nevertheless, he decided to take a position in a new hunting tower. He was a hundred metres from the clearing when he heard a deer. It was roaring right next to the hunting tower. It was out of the question to come so close. The hunter was familiar with the area quite well and knew that there was a slanted birch at the border of the clearing – a perfect pillar to be used by a shooter. He was coming closer to the tree with every single step. The deer were around 140 metres from him. The darkness was slowly giving way and the night made it possible to finally assess the age of the male. The does were moving towards the young forest. The stag followed, but it stopped at the wall of the forest. It was enough to take a precise shot.

The antlers weighing 11.60 kg in the shape of a regular crown on both sides twenty pointer were priced by the committee in Olsztyn at 230.79 CIC points.

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