Jan Szrajber – IX.2014
9 September 2014
Maciej Grot – V.2015
6 May 2015

Kåre Vidar Pedersen – V.2015

KåreVidar Pedersen, the editor-in-chief of the Norwegian magazine ‘Jager,’ was invited by ‘Łowiec Polski’ to come to Poland as a guest. He hunted in the Kielce area in May. The three-day-long hunting resulted in gaining impressive trophies and unforgettable memories. One of the trophies was an irregular ten pointer at the age of 7-8 years. Its antlers weighed 515 grams. “I believe that the Polish hunting model is beneficial to the environment and the population of the wild game,” he said.

“Unfortunately, the Norwegian model is more similar to the German one. There are just a few districts with a large area. The smaller – several hundred hectare – ones are more numerous. Under such conditions, therefore, it is not easy to run a rational hunting economy. I can’t wait to come here again,” he added when he was saying goodbye to the hunters of the ‘Szarak’ Hunting Association from Kielce, Tadeusz Kułaga, the master of the hunt (on the left), and Mariusz Porosa.

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