Janusz Szewczyk – X.2015
6 October 2015
Łukasz Szczepański – X.2015
7 October 2015

Bernard Schede – X.2014

The German hunter, Bernard Schede, of the ‘Łoś’ Military Hunting Association from Olsztyn, who had been hunting under the guidance of Andrzej Filipek described his requirements concerning a stag in the following manner: ‘I’ll be celebrating my 70th birthday this year. My wife told me to go to Poland and shoot a present for myself. Here I am. A must is 7 kg at the minimum. I’m not going to set the top limit.’ At 4 in the morning the hunters were already in the forest where Andrzej Filipek had previously seen a strong stag.

It was heard in the meadow that was cut by ditches and covered with alders. The other two males that were accompanying it were also heard. The only chance was the approach. The hunters were moving slowly towards their aim. After they had walked several hundred metres, they noticed an impressive deer that was sauntering among his does right behind the cluster of alders. The hunter pointed his hunting rifle at the animal standing some 100 metres from him and sent a bullet. The antlers in the shape of a regular crown on both sides eighteen pointer, weighing 9.5 kg, were priced by the District Management Board of the Polish Hunting Association (ZO PZŁ) in Olsztyn at 219.91 CIC points.

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