Henryk Duda – X.2014
6 November 2015
Gennadyj Szacillo – X.2015
21 January 2016

Krzysztof Lewczyk – XII.2014

On the first Sunday in December in the district of the ‘Kaczor’ Hunting Association from Kętrzyn group hunting took place. After two unsuccessful drives the decision was made to change the districts. The fourth litter was the most promising. Thick reed, called by hunters “The Magpie Swamp,” was abundant with animals. When the drive started, Krzysztof Lewczyk heard the sound of breaking branches. A huge male emerged onto the meadow.

The hunted recognised the deer he had seen during the first days of the season. It was the old regular eighteen pointer. After two perfect shots the deer made his last will. The antlers weighing 10.67 kg were priced in Olsztyn at 226.76 CIC points.

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