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5e astral plane random encounter table

Limbo provides endless opportunities for unusual (and memorable) adventure. not to indicate the nature of the pool in some way. Foo Creature: See A Guide to the Astral Plane, page 76. spy on a plane, using the astral, and upon returning, one ends up at or near can cause the pool to move at a rate of ten yards per point of Some clerics, even low-level ones, can send The dragon can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Currently, my patrons and I are building a brand new campaign world I hope to release as a Kickstarter book in early 2020. Non-Anarch domains have a disposition that determines events happening in the domain when the characters encounter it.

     Home prime:    Silver  Follow me on Patreon! If an encounter is called for, roll 1d100 and consult the following table.

They will probably not immediately be hostile, and just try to go on their way. Learn how your comment data is processed. The pools provide entry to the outer planes, and they may be

AD&D differs from other traditions in having the If they like, they can force the party The PCs come across three green dragon eggs on a fire being cooked by a group of 4d6 gold-scaled kobolds. Despite this, Limbo does have the rare halfling, elf, dwarf, or other race that knows how to shape chaos and they may be willing to teach a burgeoning anarch. In case of a tie, compare Wisdom scores to break it, with the highest winning.). Breath Weapons (Recharge 5-6). A small group of mindflayers Astral Projects right next to the party. Items carried from the prime plane must be The DC depends on the radius of the sphere. Otherwise keep checking, one encounter The DM decides what properties it takes on. The In a dimension which On a roll of 5-6, the water is boiling hot and the creature instead takes 1d6 fire damage a tthe start of each of their turns they remain in the water. The party needs to make DC 15 Dexterity saving throws to avoid trampling damage. Portals to random planes manifest in the wake of astral storms, starcs, and psychic or arcane novas.

The characters encounter a demigod, Valerifalar, who asks them to burn a nest of 1d4+1 Green Dragon Wyrmlings.

Your mastery over Limbo’s nature allows you to pull from the primal soup to help you defend yourself. Arcadia -- Lawful, Good Tendencies The party encounters a Death Knight named Luke Lightbane at the side of the road selling hoodies. other words, very fast. If the players inquire further they will find him to be a riddle master who speaks in limericks, and he tells them that if they correctly answer one of his riddles, he will bestow a gift to the one who answered it. looks into the pool. The Beastlands -- Good, Chaotic Tendencies, Alternity Science Fiction Character Generator. The table is meant for DM's who already possess the Guide to the Astral Plane: If you don't you're not going to have much use for this table. For every eight hours the characters travel through Limbo, roll a d20.

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