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airwave mast locations

And with the 3rd generation Tetra masts, we’ll address the biological effects.”. about the pulse about the pulse A good friend of ours was attending a course in the south of England a few years ago, and the participants had to pair off with one another. It’s still one of our most-read articles, even though it was first written back in 2011. A great map-driven interface gave you details of the height, the range and the frequency. November 3, TETRA was restored. letters!

2000 masts in the Netherlands.

Map ; Apps; Tools . Quite some time ago we published a story about the Ofcom Sitefinder database. online petition

In the current form of the UK’s Tetra network, the microwaves are combined with a very low frequency carrier wave. Still not sure? Contact Details Glasgow Office Airwave Suite 3B Skypark 5 45 Finnieston Street Glasgow G3 8JU.

As Jay Griffiths, writing in The Ecologist reported in October 2004: When a Tetra mast was switched on in Dursley in Gloucestershire people there complained of migraines, sleeplessness, nosebleeds and being ‘shocked awake’ up to 15 times a night. This website uses cookies to ensure you get … local stories

So how else do you find TETRA? Burleigh Mast. what O2 says! (Interestingly, the local community did not know the mast had been switched on, so the children’s reactions could not have been psychosomatic.) See below for reasons why Airwave sites are a matter of national security. Where are TETRA masts? Fed up of walking? you can enter your post code, and find out (with some effort and difficulty) where your nearby Tetra masts are located. We are living in a time when outrageous levels of electromagnetic “pollution” or “electrosmog” are wreaking havoc with the health of the most electro-sensitive people in our midst. you say... Why does it matter? Ofcom shall publish the information that it receives under this paragraph on its website within one month of receiving it.

What are the alternatives?

The woman that my friend paired up with turned out to be an engineer who worked at O2. Achamore HouseIsle of GighaArgyll, Scotland PA41 7AD. addresses. Oh, and it’s worth pointing out that even when Ofcom used to publish this data, it was purely voluntary and the networks didn’t have to send the information at all.

Telephone Equipment & Systems-Repair & Service, Telephone Companies-Long Distance Service. For example, an English school found that one of their highly regarded History teachers would become immediately ill with headaches etc. Airwave Solutions Ltd. is a British mobile communication company that operates the Airwave network, a mobile communications network used by Great Britain's emergency services.The Airwave network is based on the specialist Terrestrial Trunked Radio specification. Not. Our waking state brainwave pattern is roughly between 12 and 25 hz, the “beta” rhythm. Thanks once again to Bob for letting us know about this and for putting it together for all of you to use. And on the UK mainland, the odds are that 90% of the population are living within 2 miles of at least 2 or 3 Tetra Masts. Learn more. It’s thanks to Coolsmartphone reader All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. Cell tower location and coverage map for Provider -1 CellMapper is a crowd-sourced cellular tower and coverage mapping service. latest news the planning authority in which any telecommunications masts and associated apparatus is located, of the location of such telecommunications masts and associated apparatus.

So your local masts may not appear on Sitefinder some months and more after construction and operation. The situation is exacerbated by the way in which the impact of the Tetra masts is increased if you live near the line which could be drawn between two masts. We run our premises as a B&B during half the year. Left panel is a Commscope Quad Band for Vodafone/O2. According to the Telecommunications Masts (Registration) Bill (2004), Paragraph 30: Having been told by mmO2 that TETRA mast details will not be submitted to Sitefinder ‘until the network is complete’, as directed by the Home Office, we found (02 July 2004) that the updates had mostly been done, six months and more after installation.

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