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6 grudnia 2018

avorion fighter production

You can also directly follow the developers @koonschi and @qui_sum.

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Only when a sector is inside of one of these spheres, it is considered “civilized” and thus belongs to a specific faction. So for other stations, instead, we tweaked their part ratios. Only 9 days later the game was greenlit. Some examples for these presets are highly civilized sectors with lots of stations, traders and factories, entire factory fields, or asteroid fields with large mines. Such change would hardly cause balance problem as rapid production of fighter would still consume resources quickly while production could not continue once the assembly/hangar or the carrier itself are completely destroyed.

Sectors are also split up in regular and “off-grid” contents, but more on that later. Now, as the company has grown, he has taken up many more responsibilities, but his passion remains with coding. If you use one RNG to determine whether a sector should have planets, and another, same-seed RNG to determine which colour its background should have, then you have a statistical dependency between planets and sector colour. (Not that this ever happened to us. Inside those sectors are the stations, ships, and asteroids that players interact with and use. In 2 BBY, it travelled to Atollon with a portion of the cell to meet with Phoenix Cell, which had a base on the planet, to launch an attack on Lothals TIE Defender factories. Factories always get assembly lines. Find profitable trading routes and trade with other factions, fight pirates, or become a pirate yourself by preying on freighters and stealing their goods! So, to generate freighters or more industrial-­looking ships, such as mining ships, all we have to do is adding container parts to the style’s list of used parts. Blocks can be arbitrarily scaled and ships have no maximum size limit, so go ahead and build that large battleship you've always dreamed of!

We call those sectors off-grid ­sectors because players can’t see them by default like the regular sectors – they must install special upgrades to detect them. One way that we solved this problem was by adding specific parts that were reserved for specific stations, regardless of faction styles.

Sector Content Generating the Galaxy A huge thanks to all our backers, who made it possible to get Avorion into Earyl Access on Steam by January 2017. Similar to the other generators mentioned before it is initialized with seed before it starts to create a plan.

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