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best private elementary schools in nyc

Within each category we strive to create ambitious programs that benefit the entire community.”, Noteworthy: “At the Lower School, some of the ways we hope to achieve our goals are through the Students of Color Society (SOCS) and the Parents of Color (POC), which work to support families of color and to address important topics with the larger community.”, In Their Own Words: “We emphasize respect for others and personal responsibility as goals for all students. We believe that the early school experience sets the foundation for life-long intellectual and social growth, and we strive to develop mental keenness, physical confidence, pleasure in learning, and the skills basic to understanding one’s self and the world.”, Noteworthy: “Starting in junior kindergarten, students take part in a full range of programs including music, art, computer, laboratory science, instruction in French, Spanish and Latin, physical education, dance, and drama, in addition to the traditional curriculum. Located on 96 beautiful acres, Masters is a diverse and vibrant convergence of ideas, cultures, arts and athletics. Our location is perfect for day trips to the world’s finest museums and all the city has to offer. Learn more about how boys schools work and their benefits. Furthermore, both in and out of the classroom, fine and gross-motor physical development are an integral part of each day. Hands-on teachers, willing to help with anything. Thank you!Read 35 Reviews, Junior: Nightingale is a great place! Portledge has many pros, but just like any institution, there are also cons. Please note: Student-teacher ratio is not a representation of average class size. The gift of a Sacred Heart education is the greatest gift I have ever been given and I am so grateful to this community for always being there for me and providing me with the tools I need to succeed.Read 47 Reviews, Parent: I ❤️ the LFNY! #10 Best Private K-12 Schools in New York, #11 Best Private K-12 Schools in New York, #12 Best Private K-12 Schools in New York, #13 Best Private K-12 Schools in New York, #14 Best Private K-12 Schools in New York, #15 Best Private K-12 Schools in New York, #16 Best Private K-12 Schools in New York, #17 Best Private K-12 Schools in New York, #18 Best Private K-12 Schools in New York, #19 Best Private K-12 Schools in New York, #20 Best Private K-12 Schools in New York, #21 Best Private K-12 Schools in New York, #22 Best Private K-12 Schools in New York, #23 Best Private K-12 Schools in New York, #24 Best Private K-12 Schools in New York, #25 Best Private K-12 Schools in New York. I'm already beginning to miss it. Teaches critical thinking skills that are key to preparing graduates to succeed at top colleges.”, Noteworthy: “Personal learning plans challenge and excite students to reach full potential. I could go on and on. Thank you MMT!Read 94 Reviews, Parent: You do not need to be French or speak French to join the school!FASNY has two streams: the French curriculum and the international curriculum (i.e. We have co-curricular, not extracurricular, activities at our school.

I can affirm to all that Riverdale transformed the manner in which I hypothesize, observe, and deduce regarding academic and real-world subject matter. On the few occasions where anything has seemed off with their learning, the school has fixed it immediately. The school assigned French and Music teachers for my son for the entire year since he didn’t have French or bass instrument before, at the end of the year he didn’t just catch up with the other kids but he also became proficient in both subjects and we couldn’t ask for more.

From New York State Common Core Standards-based academics, to arts and sports programs, to real-world internships, Cooke students learn every day how to tackle life’s challenges and find their place in the world.”, Noteworthy: “For students requiring more than four years to meet the requirements for graduation, we offer SKILLS, an Academy program dedicated to transitioning young adults with disabilities to an independent adulthood. We care about meeting individual children wherever they are.”, In Their Own Words: “Our community prepares students to take their place in the world, because every child has a special purpose in the eyes of God. We stand out among peer schools in our focus on digital citizenship, sustainability, community engagement and, most of all, student voice and agency.”, In Their Own Words: “Polis World Schools serve as peaceful oases where children can learn the skills and subject matter necessary in becoming capable, confident adults. I love our campus because it is very college-like and due to this, the students have a lot of responsibilities, some examples would be having everything we need before walking across campus and scheduling meetings with teachers. As a soon to be alumnus, I highly recommend this school! I'm in a bunch myself and it's awesome to be around other kids with similar interests. Friends of mine attend other all girl schools in the city, and, from what I have seen and heard (from tours during my eighth grade year and through word of mouth), no school balances academic rigor, a strong community, and the ability to take part in extracurricular activities as well as Nigtingale does. In the belief that there are many ways to be a boy, the School offers an ongoing commitment to each student and uses the best insights and tools available to understand him as a whole person.”, Noteworthy: “Allen-Stevenson is rich with traditions. As a founding student at Avenues New York, I have grown with the school, observing every educational shift and approach. I feel close to all the staff and administration there and I truly believe that they want to help you succeed.

BASIS was founded on the belief that every child can excel academically.”, Noteworthy: “Our teachers know that every child learns differently. Pine Street School Photo - At Pine Street School, students collaborate across all areas of the curriculum, in two languages - English and either Spanish or Mandarin. Students at this school are driven, resilient, and amicable. Failures to complete assignments or do well on tests are addressed immediately. Third through sixth years also attend the Global Citizenship Action Project (GCAP) conference every fall. Lucy Moses School personalizes the experience for each child, carefully finding just the right class or private lesson teacher.”, Noteworthy: “Our students frequently call Lucy Moses School their second home because of its warm and supportive atmosphere. 114 East 85th Street (Middle School) The 2021 Best Private K-12 Schools ranking is based on rigorous analysis of key statistics and millions of reviews from students and parents. To do so, we emphasize four pillars: Academic instruction personalized to each child; Enrichment options that are diverse and global; Independence and character formation; and Openness to God. Individualized educational program based on a continuously modified understanding of each student’s dynamic learning profile that evolves as the student progresses and matures. My experience with the people and the place can only be described as remarkable. We explore what it is to be a global citizen and how we can best achieve that status.”, In Their Own Words: “Our commitment to each child as an individual provides a warm and stimulating environment where children feel free to explore the world around them. The House Dean is the first person to consult about personal or academic issues.”, In Their Own Words: “Mission states that as a community of learners, Dwight-Englewood strives to foster in each student a passion for life-long learning, a desire to seek excellence, honor, integrity, and to embrace diversity in order to meet the challenges of a changing world and make it better.”, Noteworthy: “One of the school’s important tenets is to build partnerships among students through buddy programs between each of the three divisions. I have never met a more dedicated faculty and administration; the faculty at Sacred Heart truly care for their students and want to see them succeed.

I feel that Portledge's curriculum (and other private schools) could be improved by including more modern events that impact some of the students that attend the school. A dual education at Golda Och Academy promotes an environment of discovery — instilling an appreciation of liberal arts, science and fine arts — while also enriching students with the rich traditions and learning of Jewish texts and practices.”, Noteworthy: “Our students are engaged in learning from a global perspective and through a Jewish lens, within rigorous study of texts, Hebrew literacy, and observing mitzvot. Community service is incorporated into school days and throughout the calendar year. #tiredmom pho, Wow- these stoops and buildings have the Halloween, Meow. Alumni often mention that these traditions are what they remember about the school and come back to visit to share in these special events.”, Brooklyn Heights: Pre-K-Grade 4 We inspire a love of independent learning and foster critical thinking by engaging students in a challenging and meaningful curriculum. And they've all made great friends and been introduced to new ideas. Good performing arts program, as well as visual arts. I’m an Argentinian mother of two beautiful girls (13 and 8 years old) who where born and raised in Rome, Italy. Gateway is committed to helping each child develop a strong sense of self-worth and independence, a concomitant respect for others and an ability to function well as a member of a group.”, Noteworthy: “We have a strong sense of partnership between educators and parents because it was a parent and an educator who teamed up to begin the school. Now we are a community of 86 children and an exceptionally talented staff of more than 50 professionals. Most of my friends are excelling in several areas. The only issue I have is with the math curriculum and how they use Problem-Based learning. I uphold a similar sentiment to everyone else who has acclaim for the institution: for its academic prowess. I have never felt more supported and cared for than I have at Sacred Heart and I look back at my time at Sacred Heart very fondly. Our signature programs are Ethical Leadership, Global and Civic Exchange and Innovation, Engineering, and Entrepreneurship.

Rather, it fulfills the student’s curiosity by challenging their personal intellectual interests and their personal thinking mechanisms. Students are asked to participate and collaborate in their academic classes; engage in active, genuine and guided conversations; design research projects; solve math problems; complete science experiments; stage debates; write to politicians and authors—the possibilities are endless. Ninety-percent of graduates in the last five years have been accepted to college.”, Noteworthy: “Through the Focus Program, each student receives a daily period of one-to-one instruction concentrating on his or her greatest area of need, allowing us to further personalize instruction and strategies so that our students can better understand themselves, as well as verbalize their need to become independent learners. The academics are very rigorous, but the environment of the school makes it manageable.

Within a diverse community and in partnership with dedicated faculty who teaches across three divisions, students develop a command of many disciplines and a love of learning through the passionate exchange of ideas. Advanced classes and a rigorous curriculum challenge the students and teaches them how to work hard. All students at Riverdale share similar passions yet among them is a thorough diversity of the same.

New York Family’s Tried and Tested Recommendations, NYC (along with the world) has taken some hits thi, Wow. This combined approach develops life-long learners who demonstrate respect, understanding, and a commitment to an improved world.”, Noteworthy: “The international focus prepares children for the challenges of the modern world, to compete on a global scale, and empowers a breadth of critical thinking and an approach to learning that sets our students apart.

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