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6 grudnia 2018

boss bottled intense edt vs edp

I never cared for the original Bottled because it felt somehow too fruity. Here Philippines very hot 30 degrees this after 4 hour has smell? OK, great to hear the latest review by jayded. It was a blind buy, one that I am not upset about but I am not sure if I would have bought a bottle if I would have smelled it first. it's about time they made an EDP version. How heartbreaking. I only hope it hasn't got the same blend thing going that so many HB fragrances have where the edges between the accords feel like they've been smooshed together and as such have no room to breathe and the overall performance lacks separation/depth. I have been and still remain a big fan of the Boss Bottled #6 fragrance for as long as I can remember. Sillage is strong while longevity is also strong at over 8 hours. I can say I prefer the original instead of this one( and this is big, because I always chose the sweet one instead of the fresh). The bottle is green and of an interesting shape with silver trim and a silver bead on the cap.

If you think of a well-known US-American sitcom, the sympathetic Tony Michelli will quickly come to mind. No insults. The face of the campaign is Gerard Butler.

Boss Bottled Intense Eau de Parfum was launched in 2016. The opening is projecting, well-balanced, delectable, and very pleasant.

Back in about 2011 I bought my first Boss bottled and it was amazing, I loved the stuff.

5/10 from me and a 7/10 from my husband. The composition is equal to the original Boss Bottled Intense Eau de Toilette, only it features a 14% higher concentration of essential oils and is reinforced in durability. I was showing a house today, and when I walked in, it smelled like dogs and cats. This is as big a hit with the South Indian ladies as the original Boss Bottled. Just go and test it, you'll love it !!! The fragrance does not have any significant opening to dry-down changes, all featured notes come up as soon as the fragrance is applied and continue into the dry-down. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. The projection is way stronger and boy this fragrance lasts really long.

I was unfortunately still too small at that time and only actively noticed this kind of television format with the artificially recorded laughter from the tape at the end of its life cycle. This sounds great. Would it be fair to say this very similar to 1 Million Prive, with its cinnamon / apple dominant notes? Safe for office wear. I also bought the deodorant stick, to give this cologne even more power. It is hard to explain in words but it just smells kind of cheap. By now i've used 4 bottles of 100 ml . I love it, because it's not a compliment magnet, but it doesn't offend anyone either, so it's a perfect safeground frag from mid-fall to early spring. Got like 4 samples after I have purchased pure tonka , I prefere this one for summer too , well blended I am enjoying the apple here too nice and safe and lasts very long 5+ on my skin and 8+ on my clothes and Im definitely getting myself one. Re: Boss Bottled or Boss Bottled Instense? 4.45 Its spicy heart consists of cloves, cinnamon and geranium. So, why didn't they release the intense version as an edp in the first place? where's the sweet, spiced apple warmth these reviews promised me? what I get is a harsh, cleaning liquid apple and pepper scent, almost like F Black. Get your nose on this one if you can...it grows on you. Denser Boss Bottled EDT.

The only fragrance from this house that i like btw.

I sold my bottle yesterday, and it happened to coincide with my critical review of Boss Bottled Intense EdP getting voted off this page. It is in fact a nice version of Boss Bottled, but I don't think I like the Boss Bottled DNA, Its too crass for my tastes.

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