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6 grudnia 2018

dokkan teq tier list

Fortunately, her passive helps on that front a bit.

That way, you’d have two TEQ Friezas that both offer Ki support  and link with each other, and it becomes even scarier if Horror From Hell is also in the fold, creating a trio of terror. You might have this guy pegged as a candidate for an android team, and for that you’d be crazy, apparently, because he doesn’t have any links with any other androids that aren’t themselves named Cell. Good leader skill — although nearly every member of the SR STR Dragon Ball crew  has some variation of it — a good passive that isn’t type-specific, and an ATK stat  that’s a bit above average. Units will fall into 6 different tiers: Units are ranked from a general standpoint.

Passive is more or less useless, but he overcomes that with good stats overall, and very good links with multiple partners in his own typing, and across other types. He also has a surprisingly high HP and ATK, and some utility in his link skills; Metamorphosis shows up on the STR First Form Friezas, and also on Fusion Android 13, Savage Battle Instinct Super Buu, and Proudest in the Universe Final Form Coora, all of which are TEQ units, Mysterious Adventure is on all units that appear in the original Dragon Ball series, and Mystical Wonderland is on all units from the Dragon Ball world tournament summon, and in particular he likes hanging out with the excellent TEQ Stimulating Beauty Bunny Bulma, which is… appropriate, actually. It’s also notable that both D-Awakening Great Saiyaman units eventually get a very uncommon link that specifically deals with a major event boss, so you should probably hang onto him even if you’re not caving faces in with him. - Supports AGL Android #13 along with Cell and #21 under AGL #13's leader skill.

Mysterious Adventure is on all other units from the original Dragon Ball series, and Mystical Wonderland is on all other units from the Dragon Ball World Tournament summon pool, so you might be able to find a spot for her if you’re playing to her strengths. His leader skill also isn’t something you’d ever want to use, his links are terrible, and the only way he stands out in a positive way is his higher-than-average HP, representing his ability to get beaten up  a surprising amount without dying. This laughably-titled card features an absolutely abysmal ATK stat, an awful leader skill, a garbage passive, and poor links. Prepared For Battle is a powerful Saiyan-focused link that does and will show up on several units, notably A New Legend Begins Super Saiyan Bardock and Last Minute Technique Super Saiyan Vegeta as of this unit’s release, and several SSRs will be carrying it as the game releases new units. He does share Supreme Warrior with Martial Guidance AGL Master Roshi, and if he’s your only +Ki leader, you should keep him  around, but you’re waiting for a better unit on the whole. Of course, his relatively strong passive requires you to have his Super activate, so he’s best served on an AGL-focused team with a Ki leader, and Fasha will make use of the bulk of his links to help out on that front. Most of Mask’s other links are utterly worthless, but he surprisingly links with Infinite Fighting Spirit TEQ 17 via The Innocents, who himself has a good leader skill, and Carnage Awakens Beerus, who… also has a good leader skill, and he also links with Elite Offspring Kid Trunks. Bet you didn’t expect to see this guy in this tier.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As such, much like his SSR self, he’s not all he’s hyped up to be, but he’s still free, and still powerful, and nearly everyone will have *some* use for him; he’s just not the king of SRs that you likely expected.

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