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6 grudnia 2018

elecom trackball review

He doesn't have nearly enough time for his electronics projects. When at rest, my forefinger sits right on top of the ball with my thumb centered on top of the left click button. Unfortunately your finger will certainly overthrow and move more than you wanted.

Imagine you’re playing a first-person shooter and you need to spin around suddenly. Is the ELECOM M-DT2DRBK Wireless Trackball mouse compatible with Windows 7? Dear Cecile, thank you for your observations and they are correct.

First, the aptly-named Elecom Huge is finger-operated, rather than thumb.


Try: As of this entry it offers access to “mouse_driver_ma5111000.zip”, “Ver.”, and notes “It does not support Windows RT”. Robert – I know this is a long time past but wanted to get the answer out there. The lack of palm support was an ergonomic concern at time of purchase.

SEE above, at: “Roy Escue February 7, 2018 at 8:21 pm”, there is an URL in a reply. The only other trackball I used is the M570, and thing felt like a toy. Been on this device for about a week and a half and loving it!

Visually the wireless M-XT1DRBK, M-XT2DRBK, M-XT3DRBK and the wired M-XT1URBK, M-XT2URBK and M-XT3URBK are the same except for the slightly different buttons on the XT2 and XT3 compared to the XT1. It is a wireless trackball with a Logitech USB unifying dongle included. Another observation: if you set the switch to low and press the button on far right, the speed of the cursor is slower than having the switch to high and pressing the button on the far right.

First, the aptly-named Elecom Huge is finger-operated, rather than thumb. Reviewed in the United States on January 18, 2019. 2,987 global ratings | 1,870 global reviews, Excellent Trackball in Every Respect Except That Long Term Durability Unknown. SUMMARY: The Elecom M-HT1DRBK HUGE wireless trackball is an excellent trackball, with more buttons than any other trackball, large ball, fast DPI switch and comfortable grip. Plus you can spin. Some users recommend to switch the Elecom ball for the blue Logitech M570 ball for more accuracy, I will test this as well. Also DT1 series is retail model, and DT2 series is online model, although some DT1 might end up online anyway via places like eBay or Amazon. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features.

They simply cannot because there is nearly no resistance on the ball. The Elecom M-HT1DRBK HUGE trackball is very large, which I like (if you read my other reviews you’ll see I prefer the larger Trackball devices). When buying a trackball, you have decide for yourself if you prefer the wireless version or wired version, both have pros and cons.

A wired (left) and wireless (right) Elecom EX-G thumb-operated trackball.

In this case the ball is sliding on three fixed artificial ruby. I use several computers so have been a steady customer for Logitech although enjoying the smooth operation and functionality of their trackballs. But… the second you try it on any games (FarCry 5, Hunt Showdown, Overwatch) it entirely forgets the keybinds exist and all these games ignore all but three buttons, the software doesn’t work, it basically turns off once loading a game, thus rendering it a paper weight for games.

The Elecom HUGE wireless trackball is an excellent trackball, with more buttons than any other trackball, large ball, fast DPI switch and comfortable grip.

XT2 has the exact same design than XT3 but the button on the far right reduce the DPI (I believe in a hardware fashion) when pressed (I believe you have to keep it pressed to slow down, I can’t confirm at the moment).

I gave another as a present to my daughter.

The connection of the wired trackball is much more reliable compared to a wireless trackball.

You cannot drag the cursor to expand selection. Sadly, I haven’t seen any good options.

Alternatives The shape and especially the top material of the trackball is quite comfortable for my large hand. The switch under the scroll wheel allows your pointer to move at standard or fast speed. Would this one work well for Left handed User ?

The manufacturer commented on this review, Reviewed in the United States on August 3, 2018.


I only ever use the scroll wheel for scrolling.

Same exact models physically. The ball, while small, is smooth and easy to use, and the MX … Please make a third table which also will show the difference between M-DT1URBK and M-DT2URBK trackballs. I ordered this along with another Logitech M570 because I was irritated that, what I'm assuming are capacitors, blew in 2 M570s at the same time so every click was a double click.

My only hope now is that this startup company pulls theirs off: Stay tuned for the full review!

The mouse software does not work and Kensington refused to provide any support. This was as of August 2017.

The first version of this review was a positive one, but the Elecom has since been packed for returns shipment. It has a lot of buttons, 4D scrollwheel and DPI switch.

Only complaint is that it's definitely designed for people with stubby hands.... guess that goes along with being a Japanese product.

Included are two AA batteries (for Wireless model only), a USB 2.4Ghz receiver and instruction booklets (Japanese language).

│ ╘╧══════ DT=Finger-operated ball, 8-button; XT=Thumb-operated ball, 5-button Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. Included are two AA batteries (for Wireless model only), a USB 2.4Ghz receiver and instruction booklets (Japanese language).

By the way, I would like to emphasize that the precision of a human control movement and the safe feeling doesn’t rely necessarily merely on (dynamic) friction itself. “Please tell me the difference between Elecom trackballs: m-dt1urbk and m-dt2urbk. It may seem strange, but trackballs are fabulous for gaming. It is exactly what we’ve been waiting for, for years. The Logitech has a well known and consistent problem with the button switches over time they start to bounce or not receive input.

I’ve read a letter by a ‘Huge’ owner claiming that, tho Elecom claims to support Windows 7 via a patch, that, actually, it doesn’t (it’s default OS drivers, that deactivate various buttons).

Then it worked. I come from many years of using MS Trackball Explorers and have only experienced one of the items you noted, that being the palm support position. I also really like the smooth scroll wheel on the CST2545, which is moved by the middle and ringfinger, but that wheel is maybe hard to reach for people with small hands. I personally own a XT3 (wireless) but I just bought a XT2 (wired) recently to get that slow button for more accurate shooting in game.

It should have more volume to fill and support my hand inner curvature.

I predict those outrageously priced eBay auctions for the MSTE are going to crash as more and more people discover the HUGE. The DEFT finger-operated trackball have the ball on the top of the device and it needs to be controlled by the forefingers (middle finger and index finger). XT1 has a slightly different design and plastic.

Apple Mac users can also download and install USB Overdrive, a software with which can customize a USB mouse, trackball, joystick or gamepad. Frankly, if you’re using and loving your conventional mouse, I don’t suggest switching.

It’s really impressive. This is a wireless / bluetooth thumb trackball mouse that uses Logitech’s universal USB receiver. you must search for version to be able to fully map all of the buttons.

You can still see all customer reviews for the product. The differences between the XT1, XT2 and XT3 models are as follows: (1) 6th button function for XT3

– “Elecom Mouse Assistant” does not support Windows RT. As a result of the increased diameter, the sense of control is enhanced and less dust and dirt will fill the holes, so less maintenance (cleaning of those areas) is needed. This caused excessive clicking noises that I cannot tolerate. Here’s the info that you can forget instantly, but it’s cool to see what a trackball is actually made off: the core of the ball is unsaturated polyester resin, covered in a silver powder layer, and finished with the red, clear-coat outer layer. The ball is now red and according to Elecom the new design and color make the ball and sensitivity much more precise. But you can still get this ultra-popular device, and that’s great news.

Even Linus Tech Tips is paying attention.

The Elecom HUGE Trackballs have selectable tracking resolution between 500, 1000, and 1500 DPI. is not recognized. This one is just that much better in every regard. Greetings from Europe/Poland and thanks for great trackball reviews. The Elecom DEFT PRO is the first trackball to offer three connection types in one device: a wireless connection via Bluetooth or a wireless connection via a 2.4 GHz USB dongle, and thirdly a wired connection via a USB cable. ... a few years now and it has been a great mouse overall. I hope they get it right with their next one, because I desperately miss my TBE. I like the wireless of the Logitech, but I use to using the trackball with my fingers instead of my thumb.

Would anyone recommend this over the Kensington Slimblade or the Expert?

Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Why do you like it? Anecdotally, I haven’t had success gaming with a finger trackball. Read all reviews on Amazon.com. I bought one some weeks ago.

DEFT PRO For anyone that is a lover of the MSTE I think you will smile from ear-to-ear when you start using the HUGE. Note: the above mentioned “stick-slip” is the unwanted jerk that occurs mostly in slow pointer movements. Hint, hint.). “have improved tracking, the higher the model number is (XT1, XT2 or XT3)”. The palm of my hand rests on the arc-shape built-in soft rubber wrist rest of the device.


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