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6 grudnia 2018

expedition unknown episodes 2020

After his life-changing experience with Ayhuasca, Josh gives his verdict on his own brushes with the afterlife. Josh is joined by TV personalities Jack Osbourne and Sig Hansen and other special guests; Josh shares updates and footage from his Viking expeditions and shows how he keeps his sense of humor intact while staying at home.

(S06,E19) Josh also dives into the Georgia Aquarium's tiger shark tank. Part 3 of a special 4 part mini season. Josh talks to boxing legend Mike Tyson about overcoming his fear of sharks and tackles Air Jaws with Allison Towner and Jeff Kurr. Josh Gates ventures to Africa, embedding with fierce warriors and squaring off with lions to investigate the mystery of humanity's origins. It's a challenge of biblical proportions as Josh Gates quizzes contestants on their knowledge of one of the most influential religious figures in the world. The hunt for the Yeti continues as Josh Gates' quest takes him from the frozen slopes of Mount Everest to the isolated forests of Bhutan, where Josh uses bait to force a more personal encounter with the creature.

Josh Gates stalks prey that has eluded capture for 25 years, the Golden Owl.

Hunting for a lost cache of gold, Josh Gates heads to the Scottish Highlands. Josh goes on an Anglophile adventure as he travels (virtually) across the pond to interview celebrity royalty and dig deeper into British culture and history. Josh Gates travels to Africa to get up close and personal with a distant relative and scale dangerous cliffs all to answer one question: where did humans come from. Come with Josh if you want to live as he tackles the world of survival. His investigation leads him to the ocean floor, the skies above and even the edge of space as he tackles some of the most intriguing disappearances in history. He interviews special, and perhaps extra-terrestrial guests.

Episode Ep. Josh Gates embarks on one of his most epic adventures of all time: Shark Week 2020. Together they share tips and efforts made to help the Earth, all while sheltering in place. Josh welcomes us into his house to interview an adventurer to give insight into Legends of the Wild. Hunting for a lost cache of gold, Josh Gates heads to the Scottish Highlands. Josh goes Private Eye as he explores mysteries across the globe with the help of Stranger Things' Matthew Modine, guru Deepak Chopra and The Usual Suspects' Chazz Palminteri. Then, Josh and his crew dive deeper into the hunt for the Buzzard's hidden pirate treasure.

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