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6 grudnia 2018

flying tiger tvb online

YAT-TAI does not know how to handle this dilemma. KA-LONG mingles with big shot gangsters. KA-LONG persuades KWOK-BUN to surrender. CHIT-SUM also offers KA-CHUN to have a few days off to take a rest. KA-CHUN puts anonymous clips away. KA-CHUN promptly tells MAN-LOK about this news. After receiving his award, YAT-TAI is forced to tell a love story about himself before he can leave the stage. KA-CHUN takes Kenny to a location where exchange is to take place. He is determined to kill KA-LONG with his own hands. CIA successfully decipher the box. Some triad boss summons Kenny, who is accused of provoking the police. Watch Flying Tiger Free Online.

Deja volar tu imaginación, que tu creatividad se vuelva loca en tu tiempo libre. But they fall into MAN-LA and KWOK-BUN’s trap and get seriously hurt. A gun fight breaks out between KWOK-BUN’s gang and the police. After a lot of investigation efforts, nobody has any idea about that mysterious organization controlling YAT-TAI. KWOK-BUN and KA-LONG realize their situation is untenable. He then finds a note which shows another set of numbers. At a shopping mall, OCTB and SDU officers and Kenny’s gang engage each other in a big fight. During an SDU training session, CHEUK-FUNG makes YEE-FEI team leader. KA-CHUN asks the police boss and CHIT-SUM for their opinions. WAI-CHING has gone to England. Inspírate en nuestro canal de Youtube «Do-it-together». KA-CHUN feels anxious and goes to the bar to have a drink. He even thinks when he went undercover, MAN-LA was somehow involved. And CHI-YIU’s gun wound was the result of YAT-TAI firing his gun while facing straight ahead. At some hidden location, Kenny uses a remote projector to talk to them. Fortunately, KA-CHUN rushes to the scene in a car and takes them out of the danger zone.

They want to find YU-HONG, but Kenny unfortunately shows up instead. He takes NGA-SHUEN out to dinner and asks her about the case. The Four. Kenny disguises himself as a doctor and goes into the ward to handle WING-YIN. Ver nuestro Instagram @flyingtiger, Utilizamos cookies para recopilar información útil sobre el uso que se hace de nuestro sitio web para poder mejorarlo. KA-CHUN goes alone to the underground casino again. NGA-SHUEN finds out from William’s autopsy report the shrapnel’s metal alloy had come from a manufacturer approved by the US military. Droves of terrorists have come to Hong Kong to go after the box. But YU-HONG denies he had asked KA-LONG to go undercover. While SDU team members are going through hostage rescue drills, YEE-FEI accidentally gets hurt. Share #DIYFlyingTiger WAI-WAN reminds KA-CHUN not to use ruthless methods in his investigations, otherwise he will easily lose his way. He reminisces about those happy mother and son moments with MAN-LA. KA-CHUN’s concern for MAN-LOK has evolved into romantic feelings. © TVB (USA) Inc. A member of TVB Group. Es el único modo de garantizar su seguridad.

KWOK-BUN goes into hiding. YAT-TAI have a meeting with big shot villain KWOK-BUN. Drug dealers tell Kenny loads of drugs are coming to Hong Kong from Thailand. The ongoing saga of a dangerous group known as The Black Snake Gang, and the efforts of the FBI to save Hong Kong from their violence. Michael Miu Bosco Wong Ron Ng Eddie Cheung Michael, During a promotion ceremony for police officers, Senior Superintendent KO YAT-TAI (Hugo Ng) is taken hostage. ¿Vas a realizar un evento y necesitas 120 unidades de nuestra colección de CRAFT? KWOK-BUN clashes with KA-LONG as he wants to find out who is the snitch.

KA-CHUN takes MAN-LOK back to her place. KA-LONG decides to go out to divert his attention. YU-HONG is handling a drug case that involves amethyst. KA-CHUN and his subordinate Oppa wait for Coke to show up. He is preparing to launch a major crackdown on criminal gangs. KA-CHUN meets with his superiors and explains he has absolutely nothing to do with YAT-TAI’s improper activities. KWOK-BUN relays the live scenes to YAT-TAI, forcing him to make a decision. KA-CHUN is determined to catch the culprit behind the amethyst case. Bringing documents along with her, MAN-LA goes to a restaurant to see KA-LONG. KA-LONG finally asks CHEUK-FUNG to deliver two letters to YEE-FEI. KA-LONG faces a dilemma as he refuses to go undercover. But Coke escapes. Seeing his father in danger, OCTB Senior Inspector KO KA-CHUN (Ron Ng) is unable to do anything. YU-HONG divides his team into two units and takes MAN-LA away. Ghost Dragon Of Cold Mountain. MAN-LA keeps forcing bankers to help her transfer funds. Their boss TAK-KING unexpectedly shows up. Watch full episodes of Flying Tiger with subtitles. Inspírate con nuestro lado salvaje. The police boss furiously questions CHIT-SUM. He runs into to KA-LONG, who has been ordered to provide reinforcement, on his way out. But KA-CHUN follows the rules and prepares to arrest YU-HONG. YAT-TAI has decided to act as the commander of this operation. He resorts to taking heavy duty explosives for launching attacks in a busy district. Asimismo, permitimos que terceros utilicen cookies para elaborar estadísticas sobre las visitas a nuestro sitio web. He wants him to help catch the mastermind behind the scheme of weeding out undercover police. When he was younger, Ko Yat Tai accepted a mission to infiltrate the triads as an undercover agent. But YEE-FEI uses her charm to make KA-LONG give in. CIA have found out Red Wolf is the culprit behind a capital transfer scheme. He promptly comes forward and helps her sort out the mess. YU-HONG learns of the situation and decides to use it to his advantage. CHEUK-FUNG escapes death. He tells Kenny to use KA-LONG’s minion’s life as a threat to take away KA-LONG’s computer that contains information proving he is an undercover cop. He gets down on his knees and begs MAN-LA for mercy. He is also certain MAN-LA and KWOK-BUN are their core members. KWOK-BUN gives the police an ultimatum, demanding immediate release of MAN-LA as he has planted poison gas bombs in a busy district. Si continúa navegando por este sitio web, está dando su consentimiento para que utilicemos cookies. KA-LONG calls KA-CHUN and says he can use WAI-CHING in exchange for Kenny. WAI-SHAN witnesses William being taken away. He insists on catching the real culprit. Red Wolf uses his last account to transfer funds. Tienen un diseño muy guay y estarán disponibles durante todo el año. She befriends her by going shopping with her. KA-LONG reveals KWOK-BUN wants him to kill CHEUK-FUNG. Haz aquello que te gusta con los que más quieres... Si quieres preparar tus mejores dulces navideños, hazlos junto a los tuyos y saldrán deliciosos. KA-CHUN decides to block the news and only works with his OCTB colleagues in the rescue operation. Subtitled in English and Spanish. Surprisingly, WAI-SHAN also diagnoses William as having post?traumatic stress disorder. SDU receives order to provide reinforcement. YU-HONG tells KA-LONG to go to the park to find YEE-FEI. Terrorists promptly launch an assault and shoot the police. KA-LONG is roaming the streets.

While KA-LONG is being escorted back to the police station by OCTB officers to assist investigation, he seizes the chance to secretly inform the police. After a one-night fling, he steals information from her phone. Some car has hit pedestrians. She takes YING-LAN hostage in an attempt to make KA-CHUN show up.

Season Of Love. However, they find out CHEUK-FUNG and WAI-SHAN are having a dinner date instead. The police boss goes to the headquarters to look for YAT-TAI, who is no where to be found. KA-LONG offers to buy her dinner. While KA-LONG and MAN-LA are on an outing, they unwittingly discover Kenny has found out MAN-LOK’s whereabouts and is plotting to catch her.

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