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6 grudnia 2018

forked tongue bible

Kindly tell me specifically where you think I stand on the outside. Having “hot blood” may be more of a shared characteristic between Italians and Southerners than between me and the Dutch. Don, ok. Jeff, so because the Bible speaks to people who plumb it has something to say about plumbing? There are now two sets of ethical norms for his behavior, and Scripture “doesn’t apply” while doing business. So which part do you believe? I think if that were better understood we’d have fewer bizarre statements like CVT’s and more willingness to examine educational presuppositions. Hmmm… If I was God I think I would prefer the more remote regions. Is antibaptist to Anabaptist what antipasto is to spaghetti? God encourages them by blessing them. I don’t view you as outside the confession because I have no idea where you stand other than in the position of 2k kvetcher. The forces of nature are bridled, the powers of evil are put under greater restraint, and man is protected against the violence of both man and beast. Do I believe that all professing Christians are truly Christians? Speaking of Dr. K, he takes a recent Hart essay to task here: https://cosmiceye.wordpress.com/. And here’s the other curious thing about your logic. Furthermore, you now have God making distinction among that same human creation(election) yet within the creation covenant(noahic) in which both elect and non elect human creation abides in this temporal life. Am I telling them all that there is to say about being a student?

But he made a lot of money! I would argue that the WCF and the Belgic sets out their own limitations and the reasons why a person should subscribe to them. Jeff, you got me, I don’t know the provenance of the term “Christian life.” How about repentance, sanctification, mortification of the flesh and vivification of the spirit? But the church has no power over the state apart from serving as guardian over Scripture. Both the old and new administrations have blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience. Should people believe what a certain confession teaches just because the confession teaches it? You agree with me that the church must teach its children the presuppositional context. Just how far are you prepared to take this independence from all man-made authority? Because of the antibaptist! So one Christian votes Democrat, another Green, and another Libertarian, all to the glory of God. @ Erik: Thank you for your well wishes on my illness.

The problem I see is not with making distinctions between the church and civil realm (they are obviously distinct) but in arguing that this distinction precludes individuals acting in the civil realm as constituting the church because the bible does not speak to voting, plumbing, etc. I cannot see the distinction you are drawing, even with the surrounding explanation. Now you are on the quest for the invisible when it used to be your tune that 2k was gnostic in denying the reality of God’s work in the visible created world. Jus’ sayin. RS: Luther’s quote in context: “If you are a preacher of Grace, then preach a true, not a fictitious grace; if grace is true, you must bear a true and not a fictitious sin. How does any of this comport with the Bible (“Foundations of Christian Education,” Presbyterian & Reformed, 1990): Me: Easy – God made everything out of nothing. Let’s pray, “Thy kingdom come” in faith and watch God work in our midst. You would both be correct if you guessed that I read far more than I post. D.G. For Darryl to come by now and act like Don didn’t even read DVD’s book until he started this debate is not accurate. Any place where Christ dwells is a place that will become increasingly holy. What would you ever gain by saying the church is part of the civil realm unless you are a cultural warrior? I was working as a corporate recruiter a few years back, (99) and actually had a co-worker/boss who was an OPC man, (in good standing) tell me that I needed to “make up a story” regarding one of my candidates to help sell him to the prospective sales manager. The apostles weren’t trying to transform the Roman empire.”.

2. If you can’t see anything about their hearts, then how can you see that they need to be comforted? Attraction to Jesus and His church, yes. Me: Ok, so FULL STOP in your previous post means that God’s covenant with Adam has come to a full stop, and now, in the Noahic covenant He is making His covenant with creation alone? M&M, my particular favorite is: “Non-Christians believe that authority hurts the growth of the child. The End. And society hasn’t transformed a wee bit? What Bahnsen did not understand, however, are two things: (1) First, the Israelites are described as “being under the Law.” The civil Law of Israel did not merely reflect God’s righteousness, but it also was an administration of the Deuteronomic curses and blessings. That according to Don is not the case. RS: Or by having the love of Christ in the soul which is the fruit of the Spirit. But, no, I am not saying that the moral law is derived from creation–it is derived from God. D. G. Hart: Richard, I go back to the point when you asked basically why is comfort such a big deal? All in the name of social justice, of course. In DVD’s LGTK, we are told, and I agree, that we will only experience visible triumph over enemies when Christ returns. Neo-Calvinism aims to convince believers that Christianity is about all of life and that their common occupations are just as holy and redeemable as their pastor’s work and their own worship on Sunday. And CVT’s dictum that “in our isolation is our strength” has some merit. And yet, you think you have arrived at some kind of insight about the visible church. I just thought they didn’t like true holiness which is holiness of the heart. Richard, if I miss the mark, then why is it that whenever you start talking about holiness, many of the readers here (except Doug or Don) feel threatened and not comforted? Am I telling them how to be a student? Syllogism 2: The Bible’s commands about plumbing are more broad for the believer than for the church *because* the believer has liberty to implement those commands according to the dictates of his conscience. I do understand you don’t like 2k (and possibly me).

Matthew 13:10 And the disciples came and said to Him, “Why do You speak to them in parables?” Theos also believe man is a creature contingent on God and not an autonomous being. I mean the standard Reformed understanding of history as the story of Creation, Fall, Redemption. Go back and forth with Richard for say, 500 comments, and report back to me. I think Kline got this one wrong, as he departed from our confession. Just a short two thousand years ago, instead of people enjoying football games, they went to stadiums and watched human beings being ripped limb from limb, and then eaten by lions. You find that dubious? 5: 9-13. We receive all these books and these only as holy and canonical, for the regulating, founding, and establishing of our faith.

If that is so, and if Christians have one faith, one baptism, one Lord, how could Christians ever vote for different candidates, parties, policies or legislation? But the church, as church, is just one sphere. DGH: Jeff, this is really sloppy, sorry. He addresses the objection that the earth is cursed on account of sin with the following: He [Paul] has an eye to its [the earth’s] pure and perfect nature, because Paul is speaking of believers, to whom all things are sanctified through Christ. Todd: Your response to my questions, along with your lack of forthrightness in revealing what church you pastor/attend. Could you foresee the problems with setting up a “worldview shop” and issuing pronouncements from afar about what it means for others to conduct their affairs ethically? If the Son of God was filled with tender compassion for every lost human soul, and grieved even over those whose confirmed unbelief precluded all further hope of salvation, it is plain that there must be in God something corresponding to this. But, no, I am not saying that the moral law is derived from creation–it is derived from God. Sounds cool! In the world to come, by sight. The command of the Gospel is to repent and believe, but the good news of the Gospel is that God makes sinners willing and able to believe.

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