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6 grudnia 2018

honda talon vs yxz

The I4WD set up on the Honda allows it to crawl fairly well; however, low gear is not low enough in many situations. Yamaha uses an inline three-cylinder setup with a 80mmx66mm bore and stroke. On this day of testing, we let two guys who had never driven the KRX before drive it, and neither one of them complained about it being too slow. The Talon comes with a roof as standard equipment. We have been in situations from 15-50 mph where we could just leave it in third gear or shift to fifth and leave it in that gear from 50 to 75 mph.

Seats in Talon are better by most who have sat in Talon. If you don’t care to drive around in easy mode and want to bang through the gears getting the most out of a pure sport UTV, the Talon is still great; however, even with 4 1/2 inches of width, 2 inches of wheelbase and 2 inches of extra wheel travel, it doesn’t do anything better than the YXZ1000R SS. You can see over the hood much better when duning, racing or rock crawling, and the overall room in the cockpit is well laid out. The plastic split during a recent rock crawl test. First, we wanted to see how the cars performed in a drag race.

Both cars carry a spare tire, too. Although the low range helps the Talon in slow rocks, you have to use manual mode. Honda’s 1000R is listed at 17.7 inches up front and 20.1 inches in the back. Honda also has a wheelbase advantage at 92.7 inches verses 90.6 inches for the YXZ; however, the YXZ has an inch-taller tire with 2 more inches of sidewall, and those tires are eight- versus six-ply tires on the Honda. The CVT transmission is smooth and protected by a centrifugal clutch that will prolong belt life and reduce wear and tear on components such as axles and differentials. We chose that comparison first because both machines are 64 inches wide.

It’s a slightly bigger car but doesn’t feel that way 90 percent of the time on the trail. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. The motor will automatically hold the car back to 2 mph if you wish going down a steep rock face. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

In the Yamaha, the terms “exciting” and “precise” were called out the most. We also added a $400 Yamaha sun top. It has the least legroom and only has quarter doors. While the Talon 1000X has better-gripping tires than the YXZ leading to more holeshots, the YXZ can beat it in an all-out, top-speed run. Price-wise, the Honda sells for $21,000, and this Yamaha sells for $20,499. Working on the Honda’s internals is a bit more complicated, and we will have a report on this aspect later. It has the least suspension travel but is the most predictable, forgiving and tuneable. It’s a one-time-use filter.

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