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house of cards frank and zoe sleep together

I may be jumping conclusions but it seems fairly obvious, she practically wearing nothing laying down in bed and he is fixing up his shoes and buttoning up his shirt. I wouldn’t put it past him to have an elaborate lie about his alcoholic past just for the purpose of keeping an eye on Pete. Don’t worry.

I find this whole story line odd and off-putting. When he was vulnerable. Politicians who dole out favors always come to collect. Frank goes back to his alma mater, The Sentinel, a fictional version of The Citadel, a military college in South Carolina, and Pete goes home to Philly. His mom is in a home, his old friends are pissed at him until they aren’t, and he and Christina are back together. Discover (and save!) Day in and day out teachers are protesting. Chapter 8An almost-bottle episode! He has a “I get what I want and when I want it” type of attitude. I don’t blame Spinella for punching Frank in the face, if I was in his position I would have probably punched him in the face as well. Within a week of taking office, the Republicans gained a majority in the 2014 midterm elections. That is how the protest starts to get violent. Who is Claire Underwood character played by btw? Frank clearly embarrassed himself on national television, and then he tortured himself by watching all the bad criticisms and spoofs of his television appearance. * “I looked up crackbaby on the computer and we don’t look like that.” Frank hates kids but Russo’s are pretty great. Can you imagine anyone else in Frank’s life saying to him, “It made me happy to make you happy,” as Tim does? At campaign headquarters, Pete looks like a kid waiting outside the principal’s office sitting in Frank’s basement. When Frank gets upstairs, he and Zoe use the president’s pen to bust open a bottle of wine. All my opinion, plus not watched it in a while!

She tells Doug that she has no one — not sure if this is a smart play to Doug’s humanity; depends on whether or not you believe Doug is capable of being humane — and Doug sets her up with a job and a place to live. Total husband fail. I go back and forth on whether we should read into these scenes that Frank is gay (Tim asks if he “has anyone besides Claire,” insinuating as much) or just that Frank was in love with Tim in a way he’s never loved anyone since. Take it from the man who played Kunta Kinte himself. The man has mainlined heroin. My thoughts get cancelled out when Frank is taking naked pictures of Zoe. Frank says he understands now that nothing is permanent, but I’m not sure he means it.

(I really hope Pete pays for that coffee table, by the way. During the library unveiling, I wonder if Frank actually learned any of the things his alma mater is so proud to have taught him: sacrifice, service, honor, duty. Jul 5, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by William . Pete, in turn, is a well-oiled lying machine, feeding Janine bullshit about how long he’s been sober and his “renewed faith in God.” But what Frank calls “generosity” isn’t generosity at all: Generosity with strings is a loan of kindness, not a gift.

She does a good job.

Underestimating the power of Claire: never a smart move. There is a catch though, Peter must stay clean for a month. I wish I could go back to that simpler time, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the HouseOfCards community. I am impressed at Lucas’s ability to catch a cab so quickly in Zoe’s neighborhood. Zoe is polite but disinterested. Frank makes Christina deputy campaign manager, she tells Pete she believes in him, and we’re back in the game. Everyone has there doubts of Peter and no one else wants him to be governor but Frank believes in him. As the third season began, the Underwood presidency was off to a rocky start. They both seem to know Frank will never take him up on it. I know I know I'm lame for just being on S2 when all of you have watched all the seasons, but I just found out about this from a friend. Pete’s trip is pretty dull and predictable. Then she interrogates him about their age difference, suggesting she’s just pretending to have a good time. Frank tells Tim the library is a sham: a bunch of political favors. The strike continues to go on. House of Cards: Episodes 5-6. That’s just a marvelous use of her time. ), apologizes, and barely lets the dust settle for a hot second before asking her for a favor. And does the power Frank has over his Washington world mean anything compared to the power Tim still has over Frank? Claire wants to get her CWI filters out of Sudanese customs and the Secretary of State can’t pull strings to make it happen.

Now moving on to Claire. Don’t worry about just now getting to this point. His glee at the sight of the Riflemen and the gusto with which he joins in their song is heartwarming. It was not expected to continue for this long.

You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox. Doug’s prostitute, Rachel, sends him a note demanding more money and shows up to their meeting with an enormous black eye. Spinella should also be put to blame for the drive by. All of this was Frank’s fault but Peter is going to take the blame. Part of me feels like Claire knows about his little fling with Zoe, but if she knows why wouldn’t she put an end to things? * Zoe thinks Frank’s security guy is cute. “But I want to think this place did.” Later, Tim invites Frank out to the Arkansas River. Zoe caves and texts Frank, barely even waiting until they finish having sex to ask him for the vote count. Interesting that Slugline would even apply for White House access, given the editor’s obvious disdain for all things Establishment. Is power really power if it’s fleeting? Chapter 9Looks like Slugline is moving up in the world: Zoe and Janine have desks. He is somehow dumb enough to think that “high-end” call girls he solicited in D.C. couldn’t possibly be underage. Season two of the Netflix original series debuts on Friday — all episodes at once, just like the first time. To me it seems like Frank and Claire are up to scheming and making plans. Zoe didn’t want the White House beat at the Herald, but with Slugline’s day-old access, she’s on it now. He didn’t need money, origami was enough so Claire took it up to see what the man was getting out of it. He told her that he hated Frank and always cared about her, so what does Claire do she jerks him off. “I dunno. In boring updates: Pete hits the campaign trail with the VP, who’s like the meaner, bitter version of Joe Biden: “folksy,” beloved, talks too much. And, perhaps most offensive at all, the notion that any legitimate, award-winning journalist would think a White House intern was worth screwing for scoops? Remy can, but SanCorp refuses to back Russo’s bill. She meant it as a way to prove to zoe that frank and her really do tell each other everything, remember to when zoe was having a pest problem and when frank came over telling him she traps spiders and puts them near the landlords door. I like watching these two work together, but I hate this whole thing where, in the world of the show, every female journalist has sex for stories. Pete is attending AA meetings (I was surprised Frank didn’t hook him up with some exclusive, government-only version of AA, like what Leo had on The West Wing) with Doug as his chaperone. But Frank’s trip is, I think, one of the most poignant sequences in the series. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Subreddit for the Netflix show created by David Fincher starring Kevin Spacey. The whole thing makes me even sadder for the VP, who’d give anything for the token that Frank and Zoe toss aside. It feels like Frank misses Tim more than Tim misses Frank.

It’s a glimpse at what Frank was like before he went full—Sun Tzu, when he still had all those young-people feelings: When he yearned and sang and loved so hard it hurt. Plus what would happen if someone were to find out, would his whole job be put on the line? Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Already a subscriber? He should’ve known better. This is the turning point for Claire and Frank: For the first time, we see Claire go behind Frank’s back and undo everything he’s done. Hundreds of foam bricks were thrown at the teachers and the teachers came back swinging. What a story that is, fighting to overcome the demons from your past to come out as governor.

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