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how to remove bloatware without root and pc

Note: uninstalling these apps will not brick your device. It is always better to get rid of them.

At the time of launching, it was powered by Oppo mobile but now both are separated. Keep up the good work. For example: apps like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and Flipkart come preinstalled in Indian variants because of the demographic data. is there any other .jar file which i can use? We have got you- here is how you can remove bloatware from Realme devices without root. Download Realme flash tool and install official stock ROM again. To reconfirm, just open Settings and go to About Device on the top. com.sec.android.easyonehand | One hand mode, com.sec.android.widgetapp.samsungapps | Homescreen widget, com.sec.android.app.launcher | OneUI Launcher, com.samsung.android.mateagent | Galaxy Friends, com.sec.android.easyMover.Agent | Samsung Smart Switch, com.samsung.android.app.watchmanagerstub | Galaxy Watch, com.sec.android.daemonapp | Samsung Weather, com.samsung.android.app.social | What's New, com.sec.android.app.voicenote | Voice Recorder, com.samsung.android.oneconnect | Smart Things, com.samsung.android.voc | Samsung Members, com.sec.android.app.popupcalculator | Samsung Calculator, com.samsung.android.app.dressroom | Samsung Wallpapers, com.samsung.android.sdk.professionalaudio.utility.jammonitor, com.samsung.android.widgetapp.yahooedge.finance, com.samsung.android.widgetapp.yahooedge.sport, com.samsung.android.service.aircommand | Air command, com.samsung.android.app.aodservice | Always on Display, com.sec.android.app.dexonpc | Samsung Dex, com.samsung.android.ardrawing | AR Doodle, com.samsung.android.samsungpassautofill | Samsung Auto fill, com.samsung.android.authfw | Samsung Authentication, com.samsung.android.samsungpass | Samsung Pass, com.samsung.android.spayfw | Samsung Pay Framework, com.google.ar.core | Google AR core for camera, com.samsung.android.wellbeing | Digital wellbeing, com.samsung.android.da.daagent | Dual Messenger, com.samsung.android.service.livedrawing | Live Message, com.sec.android.mimage.avatarstickers | Stickers for AR Emoji app, com.samsung.android.app.camera.sticker.stamp.preload, com.samsung.android.app.camera.sticker.facearframe.preload, com.samsung.android.app.camera.sticker.facearexpression.preload, com.samsung.android.app.camera.sticker.facear.preload, com.google.android.printservice.recommendation, com.sec.android.app.sbrowser | Samsung Internet, com.samsung.android.app.vrsetupwizardstub, com.samsung.android.app.camera.sticker.facearavatar.preload | Camera stickers, com.sec.android.app.kidshome | Kids Home launcher, com.samsung.android.service.peoplestripe | Edge panel plugin for contacts, com.samsung.android.app.sbrowseredge | Edge panel plugin for Samsung Internet, com.samsung.android.app.appsedge | App panel plugin for Edge display. That’s why, if you omit the “–user 0” and “-k” part of the uninstall command, the command won’t work. Finding App Package Name.

Write this down, as we’ll need this later. After that, we will remove bloatware on Samsung and Xiaomi smartphones using some automated tools which do the work in a few clicks. I have a Realme phone, and besides tons of extra apps like browser, news, weather, I also have to deal with the Oppo app store which pops up every time I try to download an app from Google Play Store. (While this method is a sure shot, we do not take liability of any damages. So if you’re not a fan of these apps,  here is How to Remove Bloatware from Chinese Phones without Root.

as these are cross dependent for the system to work properly. You have no choice; you feel like you are betrayed. In this method, we are going to use a simple application to remove intrusive apps.

The majority of those apps are mere junk that deserves to be cleaned. As a word of warning, uninstalling system applications can be dangerous so please know what you’re getting rid of before you complete these steps. If so, then you’re ready to move on. There are lots of system apps which are interdependent, so removing any one of those core apps may make your smartphone unusable. Earlier this year, Google was spotted testing scrolling screenshots on Android 11.

Because if things don’t go as expected, you may lose your data and we don’t want you to experience this. Don’t forget to remove your device to apply the custom modifications.

This guide has been shown to work on a number of devices like the LG G6, Google Pixel, Galaxy S8 and many more. In short, delete debloat apps without Root on Realme Smartphone. Before you move ahead and uninstall apps, you would need the package name for each app you need to uninstall.

It’s Java file so how to execute it? Your email address will not be published. To be able to remove bloatware on your Samsung device without root via ADB, you must have the package name of the app to be deleted. Some system apps are important to run android OS. How to Uninstall Bloatware and System Apps without Root in Android By Damien / Oct 3, 2019 Updated May 25, 2020 / Android When you buy a new Android phone, chances are it comes with plenty of preinstalled bloatware. However, there’s an even easier way to bring back an app you uninstalled, here’s how: This works because applications truly aren’t being fully uninstalled from the device, they are just being uninstalled for the current user (user 0 is the default/main user of the phone). Have a wonderful day. It’s rare to see a universal solution for this task, though, and today’s guide will walk you through how to manually uninstall these system applications without root access. All you need is a few simple ADB commands in a command prompt. Find out how you can uninstall bloatware and system apps without root. Most of the times, bloatware is merged as system app; hence the user does not have the administrative privileges to uninstall them. These products are often tailored version of their original software.

Open it and scroll down, find the USB debugging option and enable it. You would also need to install Minimal ADB for (Windows | Mac) and the Package Viewer App, which will help us in steps ahead.

The package name of the apps you want to uninstall.

There is one ADB shell command that lets you just disable an app package on your Samsung or Android. So, this was how you remove bloatware from Xiaomi devices. This has transitioned over the years from PCs and video games, but for close to a decade now all of my attention has gone toward smartphones and Android. Hello Aviral, you need to follow a whole different method to disable app market through ADB or you can try manually through settings>apps>disable. To remove more debloat apps or unwanted bloatware apps, apply the different commands with package name.

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