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how to tie a double hook rig for salmon

The first option for a two fly setup, and the easiest to start with, is attaching the dropper to the bend of the hook of the point fly. Slide the second hook on a leader about one inch from the first hook. As an avid marathon runner and outdoor enthusiast, she writes on topics of running, fitness and outdoor recreation for various publications. Pull on the leader and slide the bottom hook through the same hole. You can also use two hooks to secure one long, live bait by attaching its tail with the first hook and its head with the second hook. Repeat Steps 2 to 4 to tie the second hook. Your email address will not be published. While it’s nice if you like to tie hooks to match the size of your herring, it’s neither important, nor efficient. Keep the tension on the line, then slowly pull on the two-inch piece sticking out of the hook eye. When cutting off the head of the herring, tilt your knife about 20 degrees and angle the knife back about 30 degrees. I use 15 lb. The easiest method for trolling with herring is using the Pro-Troll E-Rotary Plastic Bait Holder. If trolling or motor mooching with herring, you can let the bottom remain free, either at the tail or slightly behind it. Use snelled knots to tie the rig. Look for herring that is vacuum packed. I’m sure there are hundreds of ways to rig herring for mooching or trolling, however, I really believe the simpler the better. Add several inches to the usual length of your leader, depending on the size of the lures or baits you plan to use.

Your herring is brined and you’re out on the water and it’s time to rig the bait.

With two hooks, you can entice your favorite gamefish by attaching more baits and lures onto the line. Wrap the tag end of the line six times around the hook while maintaining tension. I appreciate it!

Pass your chosen hooklength through the eye of your hook or swivel twice. *

So, before pre-tying your hooks, lay out your bait and do a rough estimate of separation of the hooks you will need and tie away. Keep pulling until the line is near the bend and the knot is secure and tight. For salmon it is usually 25-40# fluorocarbon. If drift mooching, but also trolling, you can insert the tail hook on the opposite side of the herring. ***NEW HOW TO LEADER VIDEO HERE!!! * You can also use two hooks to secure one long, live bait by attaching its tail with the first hook and its head with the second hook. By learning the two-hook … It’s important that you use a sharp knife that will slice through the herring in one smooth stroke. Too much tail flop, he would take the toothpick out and re-insert it with less bend to the herring.

Grand Slam Bucktails: Here's hHow to Tie Your Own Salmon Leaders. Good-bye fish! hard pill and tie it in-between my two hooks.

Good herring has become harder and harder to find. Salmon, Trout & Steelhead (143) Gear Fishing (617) Out of Area (217) Salmon, Trout & Steelhead (522) Sturgeon (21) Warm Water (57) Links (6) News (66) Tips & Advice (74) Tutorials (53) Uncategorized (9) AAA merchandise (5) HOW TO TIE HERRING TROLLING DOUBLE-HOOK RIGS … Instead of using a fish pill that will likely come off during most drifts numerous times a day, I use a Mad River Mfg. First select your leader material and cut a length that is roughly about a foot longer than you want the final leader to be.

This preserves the brightness of the scales and firms the meat. The fin on the side of the E-Rotary gives it that tight roll. With your other hand, wrap the line five times around the hook just behind the hook eye while maintaining tension. If the hooks are too close together you will not be able to set the tail hook as far back as possible and you may miss fish that swim up and nip at the tail. Using Herring Strips and Teasers for Coho, Winter recreational crabbing openings in MA 9 and MA 12. The leader should be two feet long. Pull 4ins of the hooklength through. Some anglers are lucky enough to have live herring available in their area. Attract more fish with a two-hook fishing rig. Use a solid tie. By River Fishermen.

The top hook will slip down and cut off the bottom hook. *. Herring scales are quite tough and will tear the edges of your bait if not removed.

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