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massage therapy articles 2020

admin / October 13, 2020 . Massage Formula © 2020 All Rights Reserved.

It summarises the main joints, their functions and ranges of motion; the associated common injuries and red-flag signs; and the necessary... Read More, In this article I’m going to look at how you can use your physical and manual therapy skills to generate revenue online, and discuss briefly why I think this is business-critical.

This article sets out the aspects that need to be addressed and how to address them so that you will be able to create a personalised hamstring rehab programme that will give your patient the strength and confidence for the best quality return to play. Journey with Jo as she recounts her personal experience on her very first assignment as a professional licensed massage therapist during these uncertain times.

This new part of the Co-Kinetic platform is designed to: To access this new section, we need you to upgrade to add the Business Growth subscription to your account. Register free below or sign in with an existing account, to access this beautifully... Read More, This article provides an overview of the structures that make up the pelvic girdle. Sans table, remotely, she taught her client how to do some acupressure herself — walking her through finding and holding light pressure on a point that practitioners of energy work, including reiki healing, associate with grief. During this time, women experienceanatomical, physiological and psychological change.Pregnancy…, Massage therapists must adjust for a client’s age-related changes, but they say the human connection makes any accommodations well worth…, Learn how massage can make a difference for veterans coping with PTSD, chronic pain and more.Military veterans can face a…, A growing body of research supports the positive impact of massage therapy for relieving stress, anxiety,and depression.In the United States,…, With more than 48 million surgeries performed in the United States each year, there’s a good chancesome of your massage…, Relieve stressRelieve postoperative painReduce anxietyManage low-back painHelp fibromyalgia painReduce muscle tensionEnhance exercise performanceRelieve tension headachesSleep betterEase symptoms of depressionImprove cardiovascular…, A recent consumer study sponsored by AMTA indicates that 67 percent of individuals surveyed claim the primary reason for receiving…, The Study Question As levels of reproductive hormones drop during menopause, 80 percent to 85 percent of women will experience…, Two studies examine the effects of massage therapy on postoperative patients.

Insurance Plus is included as a member benefit of Protection Plan Association, Inc., an association for health, wellness and beauty professionals and students created for the purpose of providing valuable and important benefits and services to its members. She must do daily temperature checks and fill out symptom checklist questionnaires.

All Rights Reserved. We can create customized selections of sportEX content just for your students, add your own content & then publish to your own micro-site.

Pregnancy often brings life transitions and a new set of challenges.

How do I add my business details to your patient leaflets? Hamstring injury rehabilitation requires a multifactorial approach involving the lower spine and pelvis, neuromobilisation and hamstring lengthening and strengthening. Can massage therapy aid in a reduction in harmful cholesterol levels in blood? Hamstring injuries are common in sport, as are injury recurrence rates. Protect your practice with massage liability insurance included with AMTA membership. Help maintain, support and improve your health - naturally. Get our latest news, articles, techniques, and self-care delivered to your email inbox. Massage therapy has numerous benefits for many health conditions.

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“I could easily demonstrate a self-massage technique,” for example, placing two tennis balls in a sock and strategically rolling or lying on them to relieve back pain. 14873 Southwest Freeway Sugar Land TX 77478. Massage Therapists: Spotting Danger is Your First Line of Self-Defense Whether you practice as a mobile massage therapist or see clients at your clinic, being able to spot danger and define threats is your first line … September 9, 2020 Functional Fitness Helps You Do … A friend gives you a gift certificate for a massage, but what kind of massage will it be?

There is a very... Read More, Hamstring injuries are common (may be up to 12% of sports injuries) and so you are likely to see many patients with these injuries. Taking the self-care steps to build a strong immune system will keep you healthy and available to massage clients.

Continue reading →, Discover which parts of the body are forbidden to touch during a massage session. Both she and her clients must wear masks throughout the session. Royalties paid. July 31, 2020; Image. Articles include: Massage for Trauma; Top 7 Ways to Support a Strong Immune System; Pain Perception: New Research Can Help You Benefit Clients and Set Yourself Apart; Get Your FREE Online Copy. Join 250,000+ Massage Therapists and get our latest news, articles, techniques, and self-care delivered to your email inbox.

Thank you. However, you should pay attention to the fundamentals.

– The Big Pause in Geriatric Massage

“When I spoke with some of my regulars, particularly those I’ve known a long time, I picked things up in their voices,” she said.

And while she has invested in a new ultraviolet lamp, HEPA filter and other antivirus gear, she says: “Opening my physical practice seems further and further off.”.

Client Outreach: Improving Sleep and Managing Stress, Client Outreach: Massage Before Cataract Surgery. Your account has been created and you have now been logged in. “Clients have realized how much they relied on massage therapy, not as a luxury ‘beauty’ service, but for pain relief, symptom management and mental health,” Ms. Gauthier said.

“I would do some polarity work, some first and second chakra work, and some acupressure around the lungs and heart, points that relate to self-love,” she said, referring to ancient meditation practices and the seven chakras that are considered the main energy centers of the body. All rights reserved. (more details here).

…. Massage Therapy for Seniors. Developed By : Spiderrank.

This article examines massage research and explores the efficacy of massage therapy in this regard. Articles. What is going on? Only AMTA members save up to 30% at Massage Warehouse on thousands of supplies for your practice.

Article Updated - October 29, 2020 Making responsible decisions and anticipating an unstable economy is something every smart massage therapy service business owner is capable of. She is looking into televisits and phone consults for the clients she knows well who don’t feel comfortable meeting in person.

© 2020 American Massage Therapy Association. AMTA members save up to 40%! You Need to Get Back in Shape, Too — Here’s Why, Become a Sleep Warrior and Reap the Benefits of Deep Sleep, Your New Massage Tool: Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation, Set Your Massage Practice Up for Holiday Season Success, How Massage Therapy Helps Clients Who Have Experienced Trauma, This is the #1 Thing You Should Do to Protect Your Practice (Your Questions About Massage Liability Insurance — Answered). Don't worry, it's RISK FREE. After reading Part 1 of this article you will have refreshed... Read More, Having read Part 1 of this article, you will be aware of the complex and varied nature of conditions that Covid-19 survivors might face. Can massage therapy and aromatherapy massage alleviate the symptoms of menopause? Try adding your own branding to our leaflets (free), Check if there's a marketing licence available in your area, Hamstring Injury Part 2: Rehabilitation [Article], Co-Kinetic Journal October 2020 (Issue 86) [Group of articles], The 10 Most Discussed Pieces of Research in Manual & Physical Therapy: Jul-Sept 2020 [Infographic], Fascial Stretch Therapy™ for the Lower Body [Article], The 10 Most Discussed Pieces of Research in Health & Wellbeing: Jul-Sept 2020 [Infographic], Manual Therapy and the Pelvis, Hip and Sacrum [Article], Co-Kinetic Journal July 2020 (Issue 85) [Group of articles], The 10 Most Discussed Pieces of Research in Manual & Physical Therapy: Apr-Jun 2020 [Infographic], How to Monetise Your Therapy Skills Online [Article], Hamstring Injury Part 1: Anatomy, Function and Injury [Article], Rehabilitation Following Covid-19 Part 2: Practical Applications [Article], Rehabilitation Following COVID-19 Part 1: Theoretical Considerations [Article], A Short Reflection on What Covid-19 May Mean for the Therapist in 2020 and Beyond [Article], The 10 Most Discussed Pieces of Research in Health & Wellbeing: Apr-Jun 2020 [Infographic], How to Mitigate the Impact of COVID-19 and Keep Your Business on Track [Article], Co-Kinetic Journal April 2020 (Issue 84) [Group of articles], ScarWork: A Different Approach to Working with Scars [Article], The 10 Most Discussed Pieces of Research in Manual Therapy: Jan-Mar 2020 [Infographic], The 10 Most Discussed Pieces of Research in Manual Therapy: Oct-Dec 2019 [Infographic], Co-Kinetic Journal January 2020 (Issue 83) [Group of articles], The 10 Most Discussed Pieces of Research in Manual Therapy: Jul-Sept 2019 [Infographic], Co-Kinetic Journal October 2019 (Issue 82) [Group of articles], The Massage Therapist's Business and Marketing Podcast [Podcast], The 10 Most Discussed Pieces of Research in Manual Therapy: Apr-Jun 2019 [Infographic], Co-Kinetic Journal July 2019 (Issue 81) [Group of articles], Assessment of Fascial Dysfunction [Article], Co-Kinetic Journal April 2019 (Issue 80) [Group of articles], 10 Website Home Page Essentials for Winning New Clients [Article], Co-Kinetic Journal October 2016 (Issue 70) [Group of articles], Don't Run into Trouble: Running Injuries by Numbers [Infographic], 13 Steps to Building a Thriving Therapy Business [Article], Your Personal Lead Collection URL: Your Secret Weapon to Collecting New Leads, Using the Co-Kinetic Marketing Platform and Content, Concussion in Sport: Putting the Guidelines into Action [Article].

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