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6 grudnia 2018

promaster city camper

It’s gotten worse. We’d love to hear from you and are excited to hear what you’ll think about our van conversion! In April 2020 we actually had our van turn off while we were in ‘Drive’. Research Campgrounds, Plan RV Safe Routes & Turn your phone into an RV GPS. Hey Grant, thanks for weighing in. Up until this point we have done the majority of our travel either in a vehicle older than ourselves or close enough to it. Covered RV Storage vs Motorhome Covers: What’s Best? Benchmark the best market price (Our van was about 1.5 years old at this point with only about 55K miles on it.) Come and see?! • Authentic Asheville, Review of the Ram Promaster City with a Wayfarer Conversion Kit • Authentic Asheville. 2.4 Liter Tigershark MultiAir 1-4 Engine The Chinook beat out the ProMaster City in one area: the top of the vehicle raised up so you could stand up to full height. The Best Free & Cheap Camping Near Las Vegas, 4 Natural Air Fresheners To Make Your RV Smell Great, 16 Free Campgrounds In Texas With Hookups.

We ran into such a problem on a work trip, while we were under a test, and ended up adding oil. If at some point we want more visibility we can easily replace any of the metal panels with tinted glass. Best of luck to you. Compare notes with other adventurers in our private Facebook group. Updated May 2020: Oil consumption problem – read more about it here on our post about Problems with the Ram Promaster City. Have you outfitted your van with one of these kits?

The thing is, we had an oil change just 1,300 miles ago.

The Tradesman Cargo version is completely empty in behind the front seats. We wanted to have two in case something happened to the one while traveling and set out to replace it. Our Chinook was similar in size to the ProMaster. Contravans aims to make it faster and easier to get on the road with their new camper van kits that only take two weeks to manufacture and two days to install. If so, what did you think? The Promaster City is front-wheel-drive. In November 2019, I misplaced one of our two key fobs. (We would like to NEVER repeat the time we came up out of an underground parking garage in NYC to hear the entire roof of the Chinook scraping the roof beam of the garage.). Caroline even had a ‘67 split window bus for a few years that served her quite well. Cheers for going with this smaller campervan for #VanLife! Not to mention, our pocketbooks and our financial planning. Long story short, after many appointments and two ‘tests’ we were told that our van was fine and that it did not have an oil consumption problem. They only take two weeks to manufacture and two days to install! We were in Canada on a months-long road trip and the tech changing our oil let us know. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! No carpet, headliner, interior panels, or seats. Luckily, it was as we were pulling into a driveway and there were no cars behind us.

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