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smite sobek damage build

Thanks for writing it. Sobek does an axe attack that damages all enemies in front of him and lowers their healing received. This all depends on your lane composition and which characters you have more trouble with. At the time were aura protections are strong you can Disregard the solo, they often are not a damage threat and often join starting the teamfight stage at which point aura prot already fell off, the 4 enemies you will mostly be playing around often favor physical or an even amount of damage. Counter item specifically built against enemy healing and lifesteal. You cant tank a full health tower to destruction, but a damaged one? You could get the blue mana buff, but by the time you can solo it in a respectable amount of time, mana wont really even be a problem. Using your Tail Whip after Charging Prey can disrupt their attack and make a mess of things. Core Items you may ask. I normally suggest selling it end game, or when you have 1 magical protection item and one physical protection item at the very earliest. If Sobek hits an enemy god in his path, he stuns them doing 70 / 110 / 150 / 190 / 230 (+50% of your magical power) magical damage and throws the god behind Sobek. I want to receive promotions from our partners. Tail Whip is the skill i use most, and i upgrade it as fast as possible. Breast Plate of Valor Either way you cant go wrong. You'll survive! If all fails and there is no hope of catching a god with your ult, just turn around and go into a large group of minions and wipe them out. You dont even really need it. I do want to add a word of caution when laning with characters like Artemis and Anubis who have stuns that are highly dependent on the immobility of the character. Think about enemy Gods that would be best to pull at a specific time; sometimes it may be throwing a squishy enemy into the midst of your team that they can easily kill, while other times it may be a durable God that you displace so they cannot influence the fight with crowd control abilities. For his power, ferocity, and ruthlessness, he is to rightfully feared. This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Make sure your Sickening Strike is not on CD so that you can Charge Prey --> Sickening Strike --> basic attack. Second relic option for an aggressive play style to help during team fights and taking down enemy structures. Please verify that you are not a bot to cast your vote. Sobek is CC immune while he is channeling his ult, which makes it very effective at countering many other enemy ults, especially those with displacement or other CC effects. Sure it's been nerfed quite a bit, but this is still a very potent skill to have.

Also add Genji's Guard too. go after them and finish them off! It's more specifically considered when you want to support your teams basic attackers, and is also helpful when sieging objectives. In general I dont like to roam other lanes to gank. This baby is awesome! Provides damage reflection against enemy comps with with multiple basic attackers. Either way the laning phase is over or almost over. Dunno how effective they would be at the higher level of gaming (aka vs. Im not gonna say its impossible it's just not recommended. So optimal partners would be people like Bakasura, Arachne, Bastet, Sun Wukong, Loki, etc...You get the general gist of things. Item built to help with minion clear in the Solo lane, as well as playing aggressively. Some say he is evil and hateful, ravaging those along the shores and terrorizing villages. Change it up to best suit your play style! ... Sobek Joust build. Note: My guide is a bit long and in depth because its for people who have never used Sobek before so feel free to skim/skip some sections. Sovereignty Now you can spam all those skills that people hate so much about Sobek making you 25% more annoying!

If you need to play more safely near your tower, this is okay.

She's a niche case. That way if anything goes bad you can still get out. It does damage (most of it) and it grants some pushback also wich gives you some little time to escape/charge/attack next. 3)ALWAYS HIT MINIONS 3 TIMES WITH BASIC ATTACKS BEFORE CHARGING INTO BATTLE! Can escape very quicly from dangerous situations Helpful to level up late-game for the block stacks against basic attacks. So with that being said, I decided that my first SMITE guide ever should be a Sobek guide. You don’t need bumbas on Morrigan, just build Doom Orb. Protection - Physical : 79 Protection - Magical : 48 Health : 3010 HP5 : 21. Try to let your lane partner last hit and try to let them kill the enemy as much as possible. First or second relic option to slow your fleeing opponents or rescuing the plucked enemy. Your best function is in teaming with your allies to secure kills and gain advantages in numbers. Join the leading SMITE community.Create and share God Guides and Builds. I will elaborate more on this part on my following update as I'm still trying to see which items really make a difference.

You'll want to stick to the enemy as much as possible to get the most out of this item. Feel free to leave some comments. Trust me, this skill is why Sobek can just keep going when others have to return to base. This ability applies a knockback, and can be great to combo after plucking an enemy with. In a Solo role, you're still going to prioritize, This author would like to receive feedback, Hey everyone, welcome to the SMITEFire Community guide to. In conclusion...DONT DO IT. It also pushes the enemy further back and is especially useful for enemies with leaps as this prevents them from escaping for a bit allowing you to dish out more damage. This is the build order I would suggest when you are just starting out with Sobek, or just have that weird feeling in your stomach that this won't be an easy match. For his protection to the living and the dead, he is to be worshipped and respected. It better to just let your partner go gank while you defend the lane. Also has added MS, CDR, and health. For now, just think it through. Sickening Strike Copyright © 2019 SMITEFire | All Rights Reserved, this isnt a bumbas/e-staff/reaver/talaria build so its inferior. Now wait til you get later on in the game and there are 10+ minions all bunched up.

Yes I colored that cause its very important! This item is purchased to counter basic-attack enemies, slowing their attack and movespeed. But be aware that people usually learn the timing for your skill and will pop Aegis right before your attack hits. This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Canceling the ability early results in decreased damage. When they see your area of effect, people try to run away.

And sometimes maybe getting that 1 lvl of an item can really save your hide. Praise, disapproval, suggestions, anything. Seriously dude, dont waste your passive. The rest of time, he does what he wishes. SmiteGuru - Smite's best source for player profiles, god stats, smite matches, elo rankings, smite guides, and smite builds.

what can you want more ? Buy potions as you see fit. Duo (Side) Lane Can reach very fast low hp enemies Or you can be hyper-aggressive and push the enemy so far back that they dont even get any exp. Before I made this guide i played a game as mid lane Sobek, and while it ended favorably and I did pretty good, I wouldn't recommend it.

Can also be used as an escape mechanism if you don’t need to peel for a teammate. Some people do it earlier ( I do sometimes depending on the situation) and some later, but around lvl 12 is a good time to start. Anyways, at lvl 5, you wanna stick to the same combo using Lurking in the Waters to finish off squishy enemies, to escape possible death, or to scare of enemies that may be chasing your squishy partner. Upgrade late-game to teleport to strategic locations via wards. However, emerging early will reduce the amount of damage. Browse Sobek pro builds, top builds and guides.

Common first or second pick for supports that provides chasing and escaping potential. Please keep this in mind while reading. BONUS when you have little HP the pushback can make the difference between life or death. Sure you do less damage, but less damage is better than no damage! It reduces enemy healing by 25% (50% with max focus) thus helping with those annoying healing characters like Hel and Guan Yu and Ra, etc... who just keep spamming their heals. 2)Fire Giant is nice, but not necessary. Also this is around the time you can safely tower dive. So we are pretty much getting this for the magical defense and the focus but the magical power and magical penetration sure are some great bonuses to have! That high damage dealing squishy god you see? Please consider supporting us by whitelisting us in your ad blocker!

Your a support character through and through. Want to support SmiteFire with an ad-free experience? Movement : 431 Cooldown % : 15 Mana : 2160 MP5 : 28 Starting Build This is why focus is important for Sobek. I like to alternate between magical and physical items so if i buy a magical item, i will buy a physical one next. Copyright © 2019 SMITEFire | All Rights Reserved. You get +10 more focus and +5 more physical protection than with Void Blade, you get +450HP and the aura that gives you and allies an extra 20 magical and physical protection aint shabby either! Buying Order

When your ult is online, consider how best to utilize it. Also provides CDR. Alternate Build 2: Less Focus, More Tanky Also list Shield of Regrowth as an option. Want to support SmiteFire with an ad-free experience? Sobek ’s ultimate ability, Lurking In The Waters, has a large area of effect, an increased slow, and a significant damage boost with each level, and should typically be prioritized whenever possible.

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