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trine 4 gossamer grove checkpoint 12

At the end of this level, however, you'll have to face the Princess Zoya boss, after which the trophy will pop.

In this Trine 4 Collectibles Locations Guide, we will show you all the location of the collectibles you can find in the game. Pull one away with your rope arrow to destroy it. Jump down into the water while collecting the three upgrade XP (38-40). This collectible can be found in the area where there is a spiky purple plant that you can use to get up to the area on the top right. Freeze it in the left most position. Post your comments below. Place a dream shield to reflect the water to the upper left. To get to the top of the tree, you will find jets of streams pushing air to the top. Once you're at the top of this one, conjure a cube and place it on the air flow. Unreel the rope as far as you can and hook it onto the loop on the ground. Levitate it out of the way to enter a hidden cave. Jump so the plank will float up to the conjured cube. After you destroy the second object, there will be two rows of arrows at the same time, making it harder to avoid, as well as poisonous mushrooms on the ground that will kill you if you land. Ride up the hollowed out tree for four more upgrade XP (6-9) until you reach the top of the tree. Us these to climb all the way to the top, and then jump on the leaves that take you to this letter on the left. Use Pontius' shield to reflect the water into the plant to the right to make it bloom, releasing five upgrade XP (14-18). Both archers will be shielded by one of the wolves. This will take you to a new place where the collectible is locked in the door on the right, while the key to it is on the left. There are many collectibles in the various regions in Trine 4.

You will come across a small circular area, with the collectible on the top left of a structure. Checkpoint 12. This letter can be found in the outside area where you use the leaves to jump across. Ride the air flowers here and collect the four upgrade XP (34-37) in this puzzle as you make your way to the right side of this chasm. Again, connect a fairy rope to the upper cube and unreel it so it's as high as it can possibly be. Swim through a small hole in the left wall for a hidden set of three upgrade XP (41-43). Enter it and break the boxes. Pull the branch back to the left as far as you can and shoot an ice arrow at it to lock it into place. Stack two cubes and climb up them.

Amadeus can now levitate the key from above into the door below. Kill them all for ten skill XP (1-10). You'll see another flower in between the two leaves. You'll enter a fight with 2 spirits, 2 wolves (one being shielded by the right spirit), and a large badger with armor. When you first reach this area, you will find a secret passage that will be on the top left. Jump to the leaf for an upgrade XP (45). Jump down to the platform below and to the right for an upgrade XP (108). Climb onto the top box for the three upgrade XP (100-102) here. Now conjured a plank in the next area and place it on the spikes in the top right corner.

Conjure a plank and spin it so it's leaning on the right wall over the water entrance to this cave. You'll see a platform with a spot you can place a cube to lower the bridge. Hook onto it and reel yourself in to reach a hidden area with A Royal Tiara and six upgrade XP (118-123). Climb up for the three upgrade XP (73-75). The game returns to it’s most popular 2.5D format with breathtaking backgrounds and animations. Conjure a ball and charge it up the ramp. The chest will drop, open it for a seesaw knicknack. The collectible will be on the top of the platform with the purple items. Fight off a large archer, a hedgehog, and two spirits for ten skill XP (11-20).

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