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6 grudnia 2018

urban legend poem

Also, a terrible translation doesn’t make it much easier to take seriously. I would assume that the rumor was made up by Koreans. The legend: Onryō is a ghost that is actually capable of causing harm to humans, especially enemies. Cleverbot: If I pulled a you on you, you wouldn’t like that.

Cleverbot: I type a text, but then I never mind that shoot. If you think in the back of your mind that the poem is cursed, or may be cursed; then when something bad does take place- one can think the reading of the poem aloud has caused said event. opens its golden petals. I think it just relies on the ‘Placebo Effect.’. . It’s a parenthetical note meaning “it’s the main part” (same as “主部”); it’s there to explain “朱総” or “shuso” (main concern). I don’t think it was originally meant to be cursed, but over time it gained that reputation. It’s from an artist named Tatsushima. I couldn’t understand the poem, it seems like its about a sweet little guy named Tomino(seriously, thats what the poem says) and how he fell into eternal hell and seems like during the journey, his elder sister is torturing him and he screams that he misses his younger sister, and that scream echoes throughout hell. A quick read-through of the Japanese convinced me that it was time for a fresh and more accurate version in English verse. One of them will be the next president of the United States and this might make a nice entree at the Inauguration banquet. to the nightingale. I get those feelings in general. I read this a couple of times and nothing happen. What’s bothering you is the fact that it might not be real. Maybe tomorrow when I get a chance. It was in summer and it’ was really hot, but when i was walking i feel like it was suddenly in early winter in my contry, a deep sadness and distress mix with anger has pass trough me… it was strange…extremely short but powerful to make me doubt, like if the people who have died there were trying to escape this place where they are prisoner… But maybe it was just my imagination Died in her sleep . Email Signup.

It’s a poem dumbass not a curse if you die thats on you, and you probably didnt read it correctly either. Thank you for the translation. It’s called The Boy Who Went To Hell. The only way to avoid this is to JUST NOT RUN INTO HER. If you see this pop-up, you will soon be found dead. I read the poem out loud by myself in japanes a first time and a second time I listen at loud again in japanese but nothing happen. What do you think? I think that your experiment sounds crazy fun and creepy as all get out. I will never know if my life turning into a living hell and a fight to survive every day has any correlation with reading Tomino’s Hell, but I can tell you if I hadn’t read this poem, it would be one less thing to wonder about. My paintings fell of my wall and two nifes fell of my drying towel. And Why………..??? 皮の嚢(ふくろ)にやいくらほど入れよ、 Tomino is a japanese urban legend about a poem that kills anyone who recites it out loud.In this world there are things that you should never say out loud, and the Japanese poem “Tomino’s Hell” is one of them.

Both candidates are senior citizens but I bet neither has ever sat down to a meal like this. Life is like one long dream. The English translations were bad, nearly incomprehensible (if still eerie). 2 days later gone. You don’t have to actually believe in a curse to get a jolt out of playing with the parameters for it. When I went further on the path a weird feeling began to grown. User: Spring is coming to the valley, to the wood, to the spiraling chasms of the blackest hell. The Urban Legend. Here it’s “the purpose of the scourging hangs dark in his mind”, while in other translations it is”I wounder who the whip’s shubusa is?”. Can you show me the wikipedia page of Saijo Yaso? Of course, that’s reading the poem literally, about which see note #7. My breathing is staggered and I feel heavy.

5 minutes after I finished reading the poem I had an extremely sharp pain in my left side. Same lmao and btw im 4 years late to ur comment hey, i read it out loud and all of a sudden I felt really weak and weird and I am finding it hard to stand and breath. Ok, like..

Update. The legend: A girl who slipped in a bathtub and gouged her eye out can be summoned in your bathroom and will follow you around the entire day. If you read it out loud, you’ll be damned to hell and have really bad luck. his little sister. Bless you for actually trying and doing the poem justice! Exactly thanks for this comment even if its 4 years old. And no matter what, she'll appear again a month after the first time you see her. Cleverbot: My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast. Same dude i read it multiple tumes in a row and nothing happened, I died. I’ve read the rougher translation from Google Translate you see on the creepypasta wiki, English, and this one just now. Nothing shows up for the 2 time why is it not working?

His wailing desperation So far, nothing has occured, and I felt that I must state my current disappointment. Great job. The legend: If this terrifying poem is read aloud, horrifying things will happen to the reader. Personally, I don’t mind that the curse is (like most creepy pasta) largely invented: it exposed me to the work of this great poet and this haunting poem in particular, so I’m glad the legend exists. I honestly don’t know if reading this poem played a role in the events that followed, but I can tell you I have lost everyone I love, all of my possessions, even my pets, and my health has deterred. It was nearly midnight and I was driving home after a long day when I realized there was no cat food in the house and I would be facing the same trio of feral cats bright and early at the back door that I face every morning, hungrier than ever. Love your notes, really helped me understand more of this wonderfull poem as I sadly can’t understand Japanese that well :/. up….. uhmm… I’m gonna CUMMMM. Tomino no Jigoku’s intro in a few Japanese-themed horror sites do not say the curse anyways. those sharp spikes of punishment

My one eye started to bleed for no reason, my eye turned red afterwards. What do I do!?!! The words must be read in a certain way in order to take action.In her case it was written in Arabic and it was placed between the Qur’an she read every night before going to bed. If everyone loves me, I fully accept the curse.

Men will power are powerful. Call me and I'll come and get it and give you an extra ten for your trouble. Autoplay next video. Nothing scares me. User: His wailing desperation echoes throughout hell— a fox peony opens its golden petals. 6. She noticed that something very strange was going on and stopped reading immediately. they serve as hellish signposts ane wa chi wo haku, imoto wa hihaku, 可愛いトミノは 宝玉(たま)を吐く。 Anything bad that happens incidentally after reading it will be blamed on the poem, rather than the fact that life happens. I read it Aloud, since I am or should I say someone proved it that the curse is not real. I’m japanese and i’ve read both versions out loud a few months ago. How long have you been sitting (or whatever you were doing) for, if it’s been a while you most likely just have a bit of muscle ache. Every time I move it is because something completely out of my control happens and I have no option but to leave. Note also that the poem follows a 7-7-7-5 syllabic pattern, evocative of most traditional Japanese verse. A version of this game was played improperly right after the Civil War, and the tale is that now, anytime children play the game, their faces will become distorted and horrifying. The next day I started vomiting blood and I’m having a hard time to breathe. Thus, she misread them. Thanks, ma’am! The original urban legend story said that it was written by someone named Yomota Inuhiko.

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