Pierwszy śnieg – pierwszy baran
6 grudnia 2018

vesta in composite chart

May  6, 1935    10:29 PM Ceres enters Leo Aries Superficial flirtations and contacts do not satisfy now, as we yearn for. Jun 26, 2042     5:14 AM Ceres Rx enters Scorpio Jan 14, 1966    10:16 AM Ceres enters Aries Dec 22, 1952    12:39 AM Juno enters Pisces Leo Feb 14, 2049    10:47 AM Juno enters Aries enters Scorpio Oct  3, 2010     2:44 AM Juno enters Virgo

Oct 27, 1970     9:10 AM Ceres Rx enters Aries Jupiter North Node

Feb 23, 1983     9:51 PM Ceres enters Aquarius Dec 20, 1969     8:47 AM Juno enters Aquarius Jan 15, 1936     3:21 AM Juno enters Taurus Vertex Mars spent its full retrograde cycle in the sign of Aries. Feb 13, 1921     4:35 AM Juno enters Capricorn Oct  8, 2010     8:15 PM Ceres enters Capricorn Jul 27, 1981     6:11 PM Ceres enters Virgo Scorpio New Moons are suitable for working on our self-mastery skills. May 30, 2049     7:29 AM Ceres enters Gemini

Help Twelfth, Contracts: Jul  6, 1970     3:29 AM Juno enters Taurus Ex hubby numero two and I and my grandson and I also have the conjunction..but 10 degrees out. May 27, 2003     8:47 AM Ceres enters Gemini Feb 23, 2044    11:01 AM Ceres enters Aries Aug 20, 1933     9:52 PM Juno enters Scorpio Feb 27, 2029     1:29 AM Ceres enters Aquarius We may have been swinging back to problems that first began in September, and we’re now facing them with new information.

Mar  2, 1989     3:47 PM Juno Rx enters Leo

Aug 23, 2019     8:01 PM Juno enters Virgo Vertex Venus Sep 17, 1971    10:19 PM Ceres enters Leo May  5, 1922     5:30 PM Ceres Rx enters Libra

Sep 20, 2020     7:19 AM Juno enters Scorpio Jun 24, 2036     9:10 PM Ceres enters Leo Dec  8, 1956     4:12 AM Juno enters Aquarius Oct 29, 1967     7:23 AM Ceres enters Libra We tend to probe, observe, and focus our thoughts under this influence. Mercury is in Scorpio from November 10-December 1, 2020. Sun Jun 21, 1966     3:39 AM Juno enters Gemini Vesta Sixth House. May 18, 1983     2:52 PM Juno enters Aries Jan 10, 1922    12:06 AM Ceres enters Scorpio Oct 12, 2033    12:47 AM Ceres enters Capricorn Jupiter at 22° Capricorn 52’ forms a conjunction with Pluto at 22° Capricorn 52' on November 12th, 2020. Dec 10, 2004     1:51 PM Ceres enters Scorpio

Apr 27, 1994     8:12 PM Ceres enters Gemini The composite chart of my ex boyfriend (fondly referred to as “the stalker”)and I. Vertex conjunct Descendant at 2 degrees. Jul 18, 1929    12:51 PM Ceres enters Gemini

Jul 14, 2028    12:02 AM Juno enters Virgo Mar  3, 2043     2:23 AM Juno enters Capricorn star616

Increased influence, faith, and insight are likely now. Jun 18, 1985     5:53 PM Juno enters Libra

Dec 18, 2020    12:25 PM Juno enters Sagittarius Feb 18, 1971     1:47 PM Juno enters Gemini Dec  4, 1953     7:00 AM Ceres enters Libra May 17, 1931     1:13 PM Juno enters Taurus Apr  1, 2031     2:30 AM Ceres enters Gemini - Aug 11, 1939     2:42 PM Juno Rx enters Aquarius May  6, 1998     5:13 PM Ceres enters Taurus Oct 24, 1921     9:11 PM Ceres enters Libra Dec 17, 1963     8:12 AM Ceres enters Sagittarius It can be a time of personal growth and expansion. Jul 22, 1968     9:14 PM Juno enters Scorpio Jun  9, 1958     8:30 AM Juno enters Leo Mar 16, 1942     5:55 AM Ceres enters Pisces 10nov4:55 pmMercury enters ScorpioPlanetary Ingress4:55 pm EST, Mercury enters Scorpio

Novile Fourth Vertex Septile Jul  2, 1925     9:31 AM Ceres enters Cancer Early today, this aspect perfects for the final time. - Nov  9, 1995     2:18 PM Ceres enters Scorpio Feb 17, 1975    10:59 AM Ceres enters Aries

Looking for motivations–the more deeply buried the better–satisfies an intellectual need now. Note that sometimes when Ceres is retrograde it will return to the previous sign before moving forward again. Feb 25, 1923     7:45 AM Juno enters Gemini Jun 24, 1971    11:16 AM Juno enters Leo Ceres Tables: Find the sign of your Ceres .

Oct 26, 1958    12:00 AM Juno enters Libra Jul 26, 1940     3:28 AM Ceres enters Libra Aug 17, 1985     9:20 PM Ceres enters Leo Nov  3, 1949     2:29 PM Ceres enters Scorpio Seventh 4852 Composite

Aug 18, 2047    11:09 AM Juno enters Sagittarius Oct 16, 1945    12:06 AM Juno enters Libra Jan  5, 1984    10:15 PM Juno enters Taurus

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