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tel. +48 22 556 82 80
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e-mail: hunting@lowiec.pl


Our goal is to create opportunities for hunters to acquire trophies proudly presented as a memento of their visit and gathered experience, and to bring back the feelings and sensations from that adventure while ensuring that they will come back to us.

Whatever you need - do not hesitate to ask!

We will do our best to fulfill all your expectations!

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Jolanta Wurst

+48 516 158 933

She knows which oak provided resting site for Jan III Sobieski on his way to Vienna, and where you can meet trophy sized bucks.

As a licensed guide, with similar ease she can guide you through the chambers of the Royal Castle, as the secret paths of forest backwoods. Her perfect supervision skills and organizational talent is well known by numerous hunters from Italy and Scandinavia.
You may contact me in Polish, English, Italian, Russian and German.

Tomasz Żyrek

+48 22 556 82 80

The least pretty member of the team. But then useful when you need something removed from a high cabinet.

Stubborn highlander, who believes blues is in his blood. He hunts at every opportunity. Prefers two proven calibres: 52 mm (Canon 70–200 mm) and .30-06 (in solid wood Mannlicher). Enjoys all kind of trophies except "platinum blondes".
You may contact me in Polish and English.

Paweł Kardasz

+48 22 556 82 80

Africans consider him to be a native, though somewhat pale. When not leading safari he is searching for wrecks of Spanish galleons.

Experienced traveler and expert on Eastern and Southern Africa, with Namibia remaining his greatest love. Apprentice of Prince Eustachy Sapieha, with whom he wrote the first Polish textbook for hunters visiting the Dark Continent – a must read if plan to hunt in Africa.
You may contact me in Polish, English, German, Croatian, Russian, Swahili and Afrikaans.