Law, principles of cooperation, hunting calendar and the calendar of important events and hunting celebrations, tips, trivia and news - in other word everything that is important and that is interesting about hunting with us.

Principles of cooperation

Appropriate preparation of hunting requires the attention on many details. Nothing should be left to chance, however, because the key is clear and precise indication of the mutual expectations and obligations.

Our procedures aim to avoid unnecessary disappointments and misunderstandings. They are simple, transparent and adequately protect the interests of the parties – clients, organizers and intermediaries. We explain what it’s all about and what role we perform in the preparation of hunting and its efficient implementation.


Hunting calendar

No hunter can not do without information about the time of protection, start of the hunting season, dates of the next full moon and times of sunrise – conveniently gathered in one place.

It is almost imposible to plan the hunt without the calendar. And although one can not predict the date of commencement of heat or rut, with a proper tool it is possible to mark the exact date of the next full moon for hunting at night. See what else you can hunt during your visit.


Law in Poland

Ignorantia iuris nocet (lat. Ignorance of the law is harmful) legal maxim states reminding that knowledge of the law and strict compliance with the rules and regulations obliges not only the organizers of the hunt, but also the hunters.

Law requires from hunters exceptional discipline in matters of security, the use of weapons, the compliance with periods of protection and good knowledge about the game species, so hunters coming to Poland should carefully read the documents presented in this section.


Worth remembering

Going for the hunt one can not forget about the documents, weapon, ammunition and many different type of equipment. All the more so when the journey takes him to the remote places.

Presented here overview has been prepared as a reminder for hunters coming to hunt in Poland, but a careful review of the contained herein information will also help those getting ready to undergo distant and exotic hunting trips.


Worth reading

We invite you to read the stories, curiosities and summaries, which might bring you closer to the specific places you might be visiting as our client.

Presented here articles tell about the history, describe the contemporary problems and hunting references related to the places where hunting dreams of our customers are fulfilled. Overview of trophies brings a foretaste of possible success awaiting for blessed with luck.


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Our activity does not remain unnoticed. The domestic and foreign press write about us and about hunters who responded to our invitation and have had the opportunity to find out about the wealth of our nature and quality of our services.

In this section we present a selection of articles about what we do in Poland and all over the world. Our customers might find here the presentation of our capabilities and reports from people who have taken the challenge of hunting and with our help have had the opportunity to make their dreams come through.