Principles of cooperation

How does the co-operation with our office look like?

Our co-operation begins with signing of the CONTRACT (the document which sets the framework and contains the most important security matters, mutual commitments and payments, as well as the deadlines and procedures). After the signing of the agreement , the Hunt Proposal clarification starts to adapt the offer to your individual needs, expectations and possibilities. At this stage, we act as an intermediary between the hunter and the hunt organizer : we find out details, clarify them , do the advance booking, suggest, recommend ,check etc.
As the result we end up with the ORDER which contains all the details of the individual offer, and once it’s signed, it becomes an integral part of our agreement. Providing the order- which should be arranged in advance, way before the scheduled date of the hunt – begins legal time limits, leaving enough time for the final confirmation of the date and place of hunting reservations, agreed amount of the prepayment and immediate preparation of all of the legal documents.

Throughout the time the Representative of our office is in constant contact with the customer and the organizer, being responsible for the preparation and implementation of shared agreements. Our role does not end there. Our clients are surrounded by the care and concern also during the hunt. At their disposal there are experienced rangers, professional translators and representatives of our office, which will monitor the filling protocol in proper way. The protocol is the basis of mutual offset.
Hunting in the wild environment does not always guarantee that the hunter’s dream come true , however , you should keep in mind that our ultimate goal is to provide you with a chance to get the trophies that we will give you as a souvenir to remind you about your stay in our hunting grounds, as well as getting more experienced and having remarkable sensations that will make you come back to us . There are no unsolvable problems for us and we can overcome any hurdle .

Don’t hesitate to ask about anything you need! We will do our best to meet all your expectations!


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