Our hunting office is the newest project of the "Łowiec Polski" – the official publishing house of the Polish Hunting Association, which since 1899 accompanies hunters in their hunting adventures.

Hunters from all over Europe pay us a visit to get true hunting experience. Huge hunting districts and breathtaking nature are both extremely tempting and make many hunters seeking real adventure come back here every year.

Our clients unanimously agree that Poland is one of the brightest spots on the hunting map of Europe. Thank to the work and contribution of many generations of Polish hunters, nowadays we are proud to have retained one of the very few places where you can hunt in natural environment of grand open spaces with no fences, hedges or enclosures. At our hunting grounds you can find attractions that cannot be found anywhere else – wisents, moose, or eagles and hunt accompanied by a sound of corncrake, crane and lapwing.

Huge hunting grounds with splendid diversified flora guarantee unforgettable experience and provide great trophies. Hunting season starts at the beginning of May when stags have completely frayed antlers. Every year we shoot almost 75 thousand animals. Rutting time, which falls at the turn of July and August, is the best period to hunt for bucks and hunters have an opportunity to get unique trophies then.

Thank to strict selection rules that have been followed for decades today we can hunt for really strong deer. Every year we shoot almost 64,000 of them including more than 18,000 bucks. The greatest number of medal bucks is shot in Masuria, Pomerania and in the districts along the eastern border of our country, however, many other districts in other areas take pride in great trophies as well. September mating season, also called rutting, is an extraordinary time for hunting. It is when charming autumn scenery enables to observe an amazing show whose images and sounds will be etched on your memory forever.

One of the advantages of our hunting grounds is an opportunity to take part in collective hunting. This kind of hunting – which involves shooting all the game species – is organised at all hunting grounds whose area (according to law regulations) must be at least 3,000 hectares. Unquestionably, the main attraction of that game are boars – we shoot more than 220,000 specimen every year. Collective hunting attracts a great number of hunters from abroad who wish to gain an unforgettable experience together with their fellows.

There is only one hunters organization in Poland namely Polish Hunting Association (PZŁ). It has 120,000 members who, in turn, belong to 2,500 local hunting associations and clubs which lease 5,000 hunting districts. The Hunting Office (Biuro Polowań PZŁ), which is managed by the Polish Hunting Association, receives great support and impressive facilities. Thank to an exclusive support of PZŁ, our office has and access to 5,000 hunting districts and friendly relations with local hunting associations and animal breeding centers. Therefore, our clients have an opportunity to reach the most diversified regions of our continent which have retained its natural character of open spaces with no fences, hedges and enclosures and are inhabited by one of the very few truly wild species in Europe whose natural number has earned a huge group of devoted guests.

Every year we prepare a great offer for the best hunting grounds. We can organize a hunting expedition that provides both great trophies and experiences. Our offer can be truly beneficial – it is proved by the stories of the most interesting trophies and hunting adventures as well as recommendations of those who have already decided to make their dreams come true together with us.

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