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The hazel grouse is a very secretive bird, hence little known, which is a pity because hunting for hazel grouses is recognized as authentic hunting artistry. In order to achieve a shooting situation, vast experience is required. Needless to say, this type of hunting evokes unique emotions. Only few hunters realize how delicious the meat of hazel grouse tastes; gourmets claim that it is in fact much tastier than partridges. The hazel grouse was appreciated even by the ancient who referred to it by a Latin name bonasia derived from words bona assa, meaning simply good roast meat.

Until the end of the 19th century, those smallest forest gallinaceans (similarly to the black grouse and the capercaillie) were quite common across Poland. These days, there are mainly three regions where hazel grouses can be found. First of them is the Carpathian Mountains and the Podkarpackie region – in Gorce, Beskid Niski, Bieszczady Mountains and Babia Góra, where the hazel grouse can be observed almost at any hunting occasion. The second region is the Świętokrzyskie Mountains and the area of Kieleccczyzna. However, a true hazel grouse paradise is located in North-Eastern Poland, in the Białowieska, Knyszyńska, Augustowska, Borecka and Romincka Forests. Also, the hazel ground occurs more and more frequently in West and Central Pomerania, in Greater Poland and in the region of Zamojszczyzna.

The hazel ground lives in extensively used mixed and coniferous forests, with such indispensable landscape elements as thickets of young spruces or firs, small streams, bright fragments of land grown by old trees or unused forest roads. This smallest forest gallinacean has incredibly masking plumage, whose colors are similar to the ones of the forest floor. This is why a regular observer will never discern the bird in natural conditions. It is far easier, however, to hear it. On a clear autumn day you will hear a song that can never be confused with anything else – the hazel grouse’s voice is a harmonious whistling tone.

Hunting for hazel grouses is a beautiful time to cherish the beauty of autumn nature and the richness of its sounds – among which one needs to recognize a characteristic song of a mating male. By responding properly to its call, we stand a chance to be recognized as a rival. Normally, this is enough to provoke the bird to inspect its territory. The birds can move silently through the thick undergrowth of the forest. Sometimes their presence is only given away, once the birds, startled, fly off and disappear in a thicket, before anyone has even considered taking a shot…

Hunting for hazel grouses is a feast for true connoisseurs – enthusiasts of bird hunts and fans of lure art. Our exclusive offer includes individual hunts closely supervised by an experienced lure expert acting as a guide and a stalker, whose skills and experience are the best guarantee of epic emotions. This type of hunt may be connected to an individual lure course and a practical training, the crowning achievement of which will be an independent acquisition of a unique trophy.

Therefore, we have a simple recipe for success: mastering the lure art, a lot of patience and prudence, accompanied by quick reflexes and accuracy. And the award waiting for you out there is the opportunity to encounter and lure even a dozen of birds on one day, and hunt in a delightful autumn scenery.

This adventure is waiting for you! We can prepare such a hunt for you and your friends, top hunting grounds guaranteed!

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