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18 January 2016
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6 January 2016

May is the most popular month for foreigners who come to Poland to hunt, both because of spring itself and the start of the buck hunting season. Every year, a few hundred foreign hunters, mainly from Denmark, Germany, Sweden and France, use the services of our hunting agency. They are lured by wonderful landscapes, record-breaking trophies and our excellent organisation.

Polish hunting grounds are always the best choice. What’s the proof for that? Let’s look at the numbers – in the last season we shot 81 thousand bucks and more than 1200 of them were medal ones. There are also many bucks with unusual antlers on our hunting grounds, and those are the bucks which many consider to be the most valuable ones. We have the best hunting grounds and we can take you to them, if you only wish to go.

The hunt for bucks starts on 11 May and the season lasts until 30 September. For many hunters it is the first (spring) part of the season which is especially eagerly awaited. May hunts are positively enchanting thanks to the blooming plants and green landscapes. The days are also getting warmer and longer, which allows hunters to relax, rejuvenate, and as some put it, recharge their batteries.

May hunts for bucks are typical individual huntings. This is the time of intense feeding for the bucks. The hunter and his beaters must nevertheless remain very careful and move around the hunting ground without making any unnecessary noise. Although bucks can be encountered in their zones at all times during the day, hunting concentrates on the periods in which roe deers are most active in terms of feeding – at dawn and at twilight.

Hunters visit the places where bucks feed within their zones at those times and wait for their dream target animal to arrive while sitting in a hight seat or look for it by actively stalking their prey. It is quite common to encounter many wonderful animals during one hunting trip.

The help of the beater is invaluable in such situations, as he can share his knowledge of the hunting grounds and personal experience, and help the hunter choose an appropriate animal to shoot. It is worth taking the beater’s knowledge and advice into account when making the final decision, but, although the beater makes sure that the shooting and selection are done in accordance with the rules, the final call is always up to the hunter.

A successful shot is a culmination of hunter’s emotional journey, although it does not put the end to emotional moments. A satisfied hunter may expect formal congratulations and celebrations in honour of the shot animals, done according to the centuries-old ceremonials and traditions. It’s a perfect moment for commemorative photos, which, just like the trophy, will be a unique souvenir of this hunting adventure.

You also can take part in such an adventure! We have the best hunting grounds and can prepare such hunts for you and your friends!

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