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7 March 2016
The royal bison
5 March 2016

If bears inhabited the African continent, they would, without a doubt, be included in the remarkable Big Five. They are one of the most powerful and most dangerous species in the animal kingdom. We should not be misled by their seemingly harmless appearance, as having no natural enemies, apart from humans, they managed to dominate nearly the entire northern hemisphere. Since the beginning of time, there has been a struggle between the two most powerful species – bears and humans. The evidence can be found in prehistoric excavations and cave paintings. Bears embodied strength and power of nature, sparked fear, aroused admiration and respect, and were deservedly considered the most challenging prey.

Whilst in northern parts of America and Asia the bear population has not suffered any harm, in Europe they were forced out by human settlements and nowadays they live in scattered sleuths and in the Carpathian Mountains. Even though some of these groups are abundant enough to allow limited hunting, the real bear hunting experience can be found only in America or Russia.

Due to topography and extensive land in Russia, brown bears enjoy their freedom. Our thoroughly selected partners and organizers have been involved in this type of hunting for many years, and the long list of international clients and high quality trophies from Russian hunting grounds is the best guarantee of quality and reliability. Our clients can hunt throughout the vast territory of almost 100 thousand acres with hunting limited to only a few bears per season and can expect a trophy specimen from 100 to 150 kg.

Sometimes these numbers may be confusing, as one needs to remember that brown bears are the largest and most diverse species among bears. Their various populations – European, Syrian, Kamchatka, Alaskan, grizzly and Kodiak – belong to the same species, exhibit insignificant differences in appearance and mostly differ in size.

To follow the most experienced hunters’ saying – it is not about the size, but readiness to accept the challenge – you can face one of the most dangerous and powerful animals in the world and fulfill every hunter’s dream gaining one of the most precious hunting trophies. Moreover, some hunters consider shooting this ancient ruler of the forest their largest hunting success and declare their readiness to repeat this amazing experience, or hunt for other species of bears.

There are also those who remain forever enchanted by these majestic animals and seek for experiences from all parts of the world inhabited by representatives of the species. During the expeditions, the hunters travel to Kamchatka and beyond the Arctic circle, they wander the endless forests of northern Russia, Canada and the USA, gathering an impressive collection of trophies. Our hunting office helps fulfill these dreams.

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