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18 January 2016
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18 January 2016

Recently the population of wild boars in Poland has been growing at a terrific speed. There are hunting clubs that keep their shooting traditions up to several hundred wild boars annually. With such numbers, trying not to harm the environment in the forests, shooting up wild boars runs in typical agricultural surrounding. Fortunately there is no shortage of hunters who hunt on the black beast and appreciate it all.

The culmination of the wild boars’ mating season usually falls at the turn of November and December, and the most popular forms of hunting for wild boar are traditional driven hunts and individual hunting from ambush.
Driven hunts has a long tradition in Poland. As important as hunting success ,it is also a company and the chance to spend time together in nature. Due to its nature the hunting of this type are prepared mainly for organized groups, the hunters who know each other and require a minimum number of participants, but they can also formed from unfamiliar people who want to experience the classical form of the autumn-winter hunting.

Throughout the year you can hunt wild boars individually – by stalking or from the ambush. Hunting from the ambush is typical individual hunting, also organized for hunters arriving in the group. These hunting is conducted primarily from the raised stands, mainly in the vicinity of cultivated fields vulnerable to be damaged, and also near the specially prepared bait places, feeding plot or stalking. Since the wild boars belong to the species, which in Poland allowed to hunt through the night time, the full moon hunting is especially popular, when the weather provides the exceptionally charming scenery and the emotional uplift.

In recent years we have seen the rise in the number of hunters interested in such hunting. This type of hunting is designed for hunters looking for new experiences and unusual sensations who are interested in quality and intensity of their experiences.

In accordance with the wishes of our customers we can organize individual hunting for wild boars with hounds, night ambush during the full moon or hunting with stalking with lure combined with the course of calling wild boar, as well as any combination in conjunction with traditional individual hunting and driven hunting.

You can surely experience such an adventure! We have the best hunting grounds and we can arrange such a hunt for you and for your friends!

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