Wild boars hunting
18 January 2016
Spring bucks
18 January 2016

The passionate and skillful lovers of roe bucks hunting believe that the real season for roe bucks begins in late July and early August. At that time roe bucks carry out their mating season called rut. Those who knows how to call roe bucks, they discern the secrets of the hunting ground and by the tracks individually identified, and from the signs and observations to determine the age of the animals, who do not fear of stalking hunting. Those hunters will hunt during the rut and will have a unique opportunity to acquire the most extraordinary experiences and trophies.

A hunter which hunts for roe buck from ambush does not have a chance to see the whole area therefore during one exit to hunt can observe only one or two roe bucks. While stalking, the hunter can observe them more clearly. But when one hunts during the rut with the call on the abundant hunting ground, in one day the person will have the opportunity to observe and evaluate a dozen of roe bucks, and with skillful hunter’s behavior, the estimation could be done from just several meters away!

Experienced caller imitates the different sounds of rutting doe and easily announces its presence and willingness to accept roe buck. When this happens , the sequences of sounds put up a real conversation, through which the hunter manages to pull out the hiding prevailing in that particular circuit buck. They are often the most valuable for hunters – the old, experienced bucks, with particularly valuable regressive antlers, sometimes with non-typical antlers. Like no other hunting, the hunting with a call during rut provides an opportunity to conduct a thorough review of what the hunting ground has to offer and what usually is hidden from our eyes.

Hunting for bucks during the rut is typically an individual hunt that we can arrange for the experienced connoisseurs who are seeking for acquiring the most impressive trophies in rich hunting grounds, and who are left to their exclusive disposal. Hunting during the rut can also be arranged for groups of hunters as well as for individuals  not disturbed by the presence of other hunters.

Our contacts and experience also allow us the arrangement of exclusive hunting conducted under the watchful eye of an experienced hunter and guidance at the same time, whose skills and knowledge will provide unusual emotions and unique opportunity to get unexampled trophies. Moreover ,this kind of hunting can also be combined with individual course of calling roe bucks and practical training, which will be the culmination of a personally lured roe buck with a unique trophy.

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