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10 March 2016
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7 March 2016

There is a Polish saying – the formula for successful hunting consists of three crucial elements: first of all the company, secondly the company, and finally the company. Many hunters say that collective hunting – with its typical festive frame and customs – is the essence of the hunting adventure.

The tradition of collective hunting can be traced back to the beginning of times. Participants of the hunt fulfilled their basic needs, gaining food supplies, but also got to know one another and shared the difficulties and dangers of the hunt, earning mutual trust and respect. In times of peace, this kind of experience was required of all men who had the obligation to protect their country.

Depending on the topography and the character of the hunting grounds, a collective hunt can involve moving from one area to another or be focused around pre-prepared posts. In both cases, a thrill is ensured to the hunters. Hunters – preferably a group of friends – assume randomly assigned positions in different areas of the hunting grounds. Soon after, beaters start advancing towards them. They may be accompanied by trained hunting dogs. Vigilant and cautious animals, move away from them, straight towards the line of hunters. What happens later, depends only on the poise and shooting skills of the participants who are held to the highest standards of hunting craftsmanship set to guarantee respect for hunting laws, safety regulations and traditions.

Tradition requires that the hunted animals are honored during a ceremonial display of trophies. Respecting the longtime hierarchy, buglers honor the animals of various species by bugling specific signals. The ceremonial display of trophies also sets the scene for selection of the King of the Hunt – the most efficient shooter, as well as the King of Missed Shots – the person who had the least success during the hunt. Following tradition, the culmination of the hunt is a festive feast hosted by the kings selected during the hunt.

Collective hunting is organized in autumn and winter, when the hunting calendar allows for shooting the largest number of species. It makes shooting the trophy of a lifetime more difficult, however great atmosphere and a large variety of trophies compensate for this drawback. During a properly organized hunt on a rich hunting ground, an experienced group of shooters is able to shoot several dozen specimen of a large variety of species – mostly deer, roe deer, wild boar, and occasionally badgers, foxes, raccoon dogs and martens.

Our clients agree that hunting in Poland is an extraordinary experience not only due to the richness of the environment and the possibility to hunt in natural unfenced areas, but also thanks to the friendly atmosphere and exceptional hospitality. It is a big part of our national tradition which dictates us to provide our guests with the best we have to offer. The best proof of Poland’s popularity among hunters is the increasing number of visitors from all over the world and various hunting traditions who come here every year to experience one of the best hunting adventures among their friends.

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