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11 April 2016
Traditional collective hunting
7 March 2016

Enthusiasts of bird hunting come together in spring and are connected by a shared passion for birds’ mating season which always falls at this time of year. For the majority of bird species this is a period of increased activity. Intensely and fabulously feathered males of various species fight for females, lost in their mating rituals and competing for consideration of their chosen ones.

The uniqueness and significance of this performance would be confirmed by everyone who has had a chance to listen to the amazing mating song of a capercaillie, to see the tournaments of black grouses or to observe sky-high stunts of long-billed woodcocks. Every year with the arrival of spring, enthusiasts of bird hunting longingly go back to the stories they heard, read or to their own memories and experiences which used to be available to nearly all hunters in Europe up until recently.

Capercaillies used to occur in all of Europe, finding convenient conditions for themselves. Their vestigial populations occur only in isolated populations in the Pyrenees, the Alps, in the mountainous areas of the British Isles and in the Carpathian Mountains. Their numbers increase when we move to the East so that starting from the eastern borders of Poland they constitute a population high in quantity that in the global scale is not considered endangered. A similar situation concerns black grouses, woodcocks and many species of ducks.

Unfortunately, once common passion for spring bird hunting, black grouses, woodcocks can only be shared by more persistent hunters who are ready to endure the hardships of travel to the areas where these birds are still abundant enough to allow shooting. These are the hunting grounds collaborating with our hunting office. They are situated in pristine natural areas of northern Russia and they offer a unique opportunity to hunt which is not available to most Europeans. Russia remains the only country of Eurasia where local numbers of populations are stable enough that spring shooting does not threaten them.

Our premium offer of trips to renowned hunting grounds combines the three most important spring bird hunting opportunities and three types of leks to be experienced – capercaillies, black grouses and woodcocks. The hunters can gain exceptional trophies which nowadays are the most valued elements of each hunting collection. Many of our clients are so impressed by the charm of spring leks that they are very enthusiastic about joining our future trips.

Choice of the hunting ground depends on individual preferences regarding the number of specimen which are to be shot – as some hunting grounds apply limits of shooting applying to a specific trip. The standard of accommodation and the time of journey to the hunting grounds are also important selection criteria. Hunting on leks is a typical example of individual hunting, however, we organize trips in groups which are formed on a first-come first-served basis due to a limited number of spots.

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