Tomasz Janduła – VI.2014
6 July 2014
Józef Palka – VII.2014
19 August 2014

Bogdan Karwat – VII.2014

In June during field work Bogdan Karwat of the ‘Dąbrowa’ Hunting Association no. 5 from Lublin saw a huge buck. He had been watching the stag almost every day since that time, waiting patiently for the rutting season to begin. The roe deer mating season was coming to an end. On 27 July in the late afternoon, from the distance of 400 metres the hunter spotted a buck that was standing in a small non-mowed area of a wheat field. It was there alone, without the doe. The only way to approach the animal was to creep through the stubble.

The hunter started to slowly come closer to the buck and when he found himself at the distance of 100 metres from it, he rested the gun on a shooting stick. The moment the animal turned back the shot was taken. The buck instantly jumped up and rushed straight on. After a dozen couple metres it fell dead to the ground. The antlers weighing 725 grams were priced at 169.25 CIC points.

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